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The G-Bouncer Deos is a variant of the WMS-GB5 G-Bouncer featured in Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A variant of the WMS-GB5 G-Bouncer, deployed by the Earth Federation, the G-Bouncer Deos is different from Woolf Enneacle's original G-Bouncer only in that they possessed a single antenna on the head (to two on the original) and the head had two small vents on either side that were absent on the original. Additionally, their shield was of a different, more standardized design that lacked the Shiguru Blade of the original. Some of the same design differences, including the shield, were later seen in the XMS-00S Thieleva.


  • DODS Rifle
A specialized DODS Rifle for G-Bouncer Deos as primary ranged combat armaments. It can be stored on rear waist when not in use.
  • Beam Saber
The G-Bouncer Deos's close combat armament. The Beam Saber can adjust its length for different combat situations and is also strong enough to pierce and destroy the Vagan's mass-production mobile suits such as Ovv-f Gafran, Ovv-a Baqto and Ovm-e Dorado.
  • Shield
An defensive armament of G-Bouncer Deos. A fairly standard shield that can withstand damage better than the Genoace's, being more thicker and sturdier in order to block Vagan's Mobile Suits beam weaponry.


Two G-Bouncers Deos were seen to be piloted by test pilots Girard Fornell and Reina Spriggan. These machines incorporate a new system for X-Rounder pilots. But because of the lacks in testing soon prove to be a fatal error: Girard and Reina was immobilized and couldn't control their X-rounder abilities. Fornell's G-Bouncer Deos crashed into an asteroid and he was killed in the crash. Reina, on the other hand, crash-landed her G-Bouncer Deos into an asteroid and was heavily injured. The plan was ultimately scarpped, and the G-Bouncer Deos was forgotten (Although in the future, Reina, now changed her name into "Girard" and has became a traitor - piloted a similar Mobile Suit: the XMS-00S Thieleva).

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