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The G-SAVIOUR G-Saviour Space Mode is the designation given to the G-SAVIOUR G-Saviour Origin when equipped with special thrusters for space combat. It appears in the G-Saviour movie.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The first variant of the G-Saviour. For high speed missions, the G-Saviour Space Mode is equipped with a skirt booster module that allows it to make sharp turns and features a booster pack on its back with multiple thrusters, similar to the F91 Gundam F91. All in all, the unit is a speed mobile suit, while not strong defense wise, makes up for it with fast attacks.

The armor of the G-Saviour is made to be easily removable in the appropriate type of hangar. This gives the unit a multitude of combat options. However, this adaptability is possibly hindered if the unit can't access such a hangar.

The G-Saviour's cockpit also has a life support system capable of sustaining a pilot for up to 72 hours.


  • 30mm Vulcan Gun
Head mounted vulcan guns used to thwart enemy movement or used for close range targets.
  • Beam Saber
The G-Saviour is equipped with a single beam saber that emits a blue beam. It is stored behind the right shoulder.
  • Beam Shield
A Beam Shield can be emitted from a beam generator on its left forearm.
  • SHP-44-Compatible Modules
  • MC-1- thru MC-6- and MPC-1- thru MPC-4-Compatible Hand Weapons (including Beam Rifle)
A variety of weapons developed by Illumunati that can be equipped to the G-Saviour. The only one seen is the beam rifle.

System Features

  • MPC-4 Plus
  • PHP-44 System


The G-Saviour Space Mode was in use by the Illuminati for an unspecified amount of time before the events of G-Saviour, where Phillippe San Simone gave it to Mark Curran for his personal use. Mark first piloted it to clear space debris out from the path of the transport ship Nimbus. He then later piloted it during the latter stages of the Battle of Gaia when the Freedoms used by Gaia proved to be no match against the new MW-Rai units fielded by CONSENT.

During the battle, he would come to the aid of his friend Dieter, whose Freedom had been incapcitated and landed on one of Gaia's large solar panels. There, he was attacked by Jack Halle, who was piloting a MS-Rai. The two battled and Mark was the victor. After being saved by the Illuminati from a follow up ambush, Mark took the Saviour to a hangar where it was converted into its Terrain Mode.

After these events, the G-Saviour was handed down to a pilot named Reed Fox.


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