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G-Saviour is a 2000 Canadian live-action television movie set in the Universal Century timeline of the Gundam metaseries.


The year is Universal Century 0223. The Earth Federation has collapsed, and territories under the Federation's control have been given autonomy. The Space Colonies are now referred to as independent "Settlements". Following the end of the Federation, two opposing powers have emerged: the Congress of Settlement Nations (CONSENT), which is comprised largely of former Federation members and Sides 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and their earthbound parent nations, and the Settlement Freedom League, comprising Sides 1, 4, and the Lunar Cities.

CONSENT suffers from a food shortage crisis, while the Settlement Freedom League has the agricultural capability to feed itself and thus is not affected by the global famine. When an agricultural breakthrough is made in the neutral Side 8 colony of Gaea, CONSENT resolves to seize the technology by force.

Timeline of Events

  • U.C. 0203.06 - Construction of the Gaea colony in Side 8 (L1) begins.
  • U.C. 0218 - The Earth Federation collapses as the Earth becomes all but uninhabitable. A similar Earth-centric organization takes it place but does not last.
  • U.C. 0220 - The Congress of Settlement Nations ("CONSENT") gains control over roughly half the Sides, opposed only by the Illuminati, a resistance organization based in the independent New Manhattan Island “settlement” of Side 4 (L1). Most of the Illuminati pilots and engineers are Congressional defectors.
  • U.C. 0223 - The Gaea settlement of Side 8 (L1) rebels against the Congressional force attempting to suppress a newly discovered bioluminescent energy source that promises to ending humanity’s ongoing food crisis—and CONSENT’s political exploitation of it.
  • U.C. 0224 - Illuminati dispatches a team to thwart a secret Congressional weapons development operation, Project Raiven.
  • U.C. 0225 - CONSENT is overthrown by the Illuminati.



The project's actors are predominantly from the Canadian production company Polestar Entertainment, with the Japanese language version being dubbed into the movie. It was released in 2000 and intended, along with the ∀ Gundam television series, to be the centerpiece of Sunrise's "Big Bang Project," its 20th anniversary celebration for the popular Gundam meta-series. Gundam's original story co-creator Yoshiyuki Tomino, who was not involved in this production, voiced his disapproval of G-Saviour at Anime Expo New York 2002, and Bandai Entertainment has stopped producing its 2002 DVD release in North America. The work is listed in the production catalog on the official Gundam website in Japan and the official website for Sunrise (the production studio for Gundam animated and live-action projects). It is still available on DVD in Japan from the original release, Bandai Visual.

It is unique among Gundam animated and live-action properties in that the word "Gundam" is not in the title, or actually used at all throughout the movie's run.

Video Game

In 2000, a PS2 game was released to promote the film's upcoming release on Japanese television. The game takes place after the events of the movie and stars Reed Fox, a pilot of the Illuminati's Lightning Squad. Garneaux's confidant, General Bais, is developing "Project Raven", which will greatly enhance the military strength of the CONSENT.

List of Mechanics

Illuminati/Side 8 Gaea Settlement Defense Forces

Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units

CONSENT (Congress of Settlement Nations)

Mobile Weapons

Vehicles & Support Units


Mobile Weapons

Notes & Trivia

  • One of the pilots, who only appear during the final battle, is played by Sam Vincent, who would later be known for being the voice actor of Ace Pilot Athrun Zala and Gundam Meister Tieria Erde from the Cosmic Era (Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny) and Anno Domini (Gundam 00) timelines respectively.
  • G-Saviour is one of the only instances of a production in the Gundam franchise being originally produced in English, then dubbed in Japanese.


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