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G3-Saviour (Front)

G3-Saviour (Rear)

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Unit Type

Custom Multi-Mode Mobile Suit


Model Number
  • G3
Namesake Saviour
Developed from
First Seen
Known Pilots

General Characteristics

Overall Height
  • 18.7 meters61.352 ft
    736.22 in
Head Height
  • 18.2 meters59.711 ft
    716.535 in
Pilot Accommodations
  • Pilot Only
  • 30mm Vulcan Guns
    • Beam Shield
Optional Equipment
  • MC-1- thru MC-6- compatible Hand Weapons and MPC-1- thru MPC-4- compatible Hand Weapons (including Beam Rifle)

The G3-Saviour is a mobile suit and variant of the G-SAVIOUR G-Saviour Origin appearing in the PlayStation 2 Game G-Saviour. Developed by Illuminati, it was piloted by Reed Fox.

Technology & Characteristics

After the G-Saviour suffered heavy damage from the last battle, the members of the Illuminati redesigned and restored the G-Saviour with newer parts provided by the developers of the Saviour Series. The unit is given a design overhaul as well as newer weaponry and enhancement parts designed for all terrain combat. Despite the change in design, the key component of the G3-Saviour is the same as the original.


  • 30mm Vulcan Guns
A pair of vulcan guns located in the unit's head. Although not as powerful as beam weapons, they are useful against close ranged targets.
  • Beam Saber
A single beam saber used for close range combat.
  • Beam Shield
A shield that is emitted from a beam generator located on the left arm.
  • MC-1- thru MC-6- and MPC-1- thru MPC-4-compatible Hand Weapons (including Beam Rifle)
A variety of weapons developed by Illumunati that can be equipped to the G-Saviour. The only one seen is the beam rifle.

System Features


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