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The GAT-333 Raider Full Spec is a limited-production transformable aerial assault mobile suit, it was first featured in the original design series SEED-MSV. The unit is piloted by Edward Harrelson.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Raider Full Spec is a mobile suit designed for long-range aerial assault combat, and can carry an optional sub-wing to improve its travel range as well as flight capability. The sub-wing also has hardpoints to mount additional weapons or equipment to lengthen its operation time. The Raider Full Spec is also the original form of the GAT-X370 Raider Gundam, and does not have any thrusters on its legs, as the sub-wing serves a similar purpose. Furthermore, Raider Full Spec's main turbojet engine has a higher output than that of the Raider Gundam. Despite being designed for aerial use, the suit has no problem functioning in space.

The armament of the Raider Full Spec features several types of machine guns, AIM-957F "King Cobra" missiles, and no beam weapons. The machine guns include two shoulder-mounted M2M3 76mm machine guns, which are only operable in MA mode, two M20 20mm machine guns mounted on the claws, and lastly two GAU-8M2 52mm machine guns mounted on the sub-wing hardpoints. The Raider Full Spec is usually launched from the ground in its MA form using dedicated catapults, and can be launched from water surfaces using detachable float. In MS form, vertical take-off is possible, but not recommend as it consumes too much fuel. Some pilots prefer to first let the sub-wing take-off vertically, followed by vertical take-off of the MS and then they combine in mid-air. When required, the suit can use an atmospheric entry capsule during its assault mission.


  • M2M3 76mm Machine Gun
The M2M3 76mm machine gun is one of the ballistic weapons used by the Raider Full Spec. They are mounted in the shoulders and are usable only in MA mode.
  • M20 20mm Machine Gun
The suit has two such machine guns, one in each claw. They replace the Raider Gundam's "Ahura Mazda" short-range energy cannons.
  • GAU-8M2 52mm Machine Gun
A handheld machine gun, it is stored on the sub-wing's hardpoints and can be fired in this manner or be detached and used by the suit's arms.
  • AIM-957F "King Cobra" Missile
The AIM-957F is a highly maneuverable missile that features an advanced Target Detection Device and AI system, thus it is capable of tracking and predicting an enemy’s movement. The suit can carry a total of 6 such missiles, 2 missiles can be mounted on top of the shoulder armor and the other 4 can be mounted on the sub-wing's hardpoints in place of other weaponry or equipment.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Sub-wing
A support device featuring a flying wing design developed for use with the Raider Full Spec. It contains ramjet engines that are used after the MS enters the atmosphere with its atmospheric entry capsule. Hardpoints are located on the top surface so as to maintain the MS’s aerial characteristics and to allow the weapons to be used by the MS’s arms. These hardpoints can also be used to mount auxiliary engines, or propellant tanks. Interestingly, the sub-wing has been known to be used as a ramming weapon by creative pilots.
  • Propellant Tank
  • Atmospheric Entry Capsule


Although the prototype GAT-X370 Raider Gundam was first produced, the Raider Full Spec was the design first developed by the Earth Alliance. After the production of the Raider, the Raider Full Spec was put into limited mass production. One of the test pilots for the unit is the EA ace pilot Edward Harrelson, who used such a unit In Operation 8.8, an attack on ZAFT's Carpentaria Base on August 8, CE 71. When Edward defected from the Alliance to fight for the independence of his home country the United States of South America, he not only stole his GAT-X133 Sword Calamity but also one Raider Full Spec unit. He used this unit to fight against Morgan Chevalier and his GAT-01A1+AQM/E-X04 Gunbarrel Dagger in space. Edward was subsequently beaten and pulled into Earth's gravity field by Morgan, an incident which he barely survived. Before this battle, the EA sent three Raider Full Spec units to defeat Edward, but he destroyed all three units using his Sword Calamity.

Another Raider Full Spec is covertly transferred by Muruta Azrael to Orb's Rondo Sahaku faction, while a further unit is seen defending the Heaven's Base in Iceland during the Second Alliance-PLANT War. This unit is however quickly destroyed by Rey Za Burrel in his more advanced ZGMF-X666S Legend Gundam.

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