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The GB-9700 Gundam Belphagor is a Mobile Suit first appeared in SD Gundam G Generation games and later in the manga After War Gundam X: Under the Moonlight.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

The GB-9700 Gundam Belphagor was designed as a Newtype-use mobile suit to defeat other Newtypes. To accomplish this the Belphagor was equipped with a Flash System similar to other United Nations Earth Gundams which however didn't allow the Newtype pilot to control Bit Mobile Suits but afford the pilot a finer level of control over the MS. However there was one major flaw in the Gundam's construction: when flying at high-speed, the pilot faced incredible G-forces, thus putting his life in danger even outside of battles.

The Belphagor features a number of special weapons, which would help the pilot in its mission to defeat other Newtype pilots. Its wrists mount a set of heat wires that were intended to destroy bit-type weapons, such as those used by the Space Revolutionary Army's RMSN-008 Bertigo. Its arms were also constructed to be able to extend outwards into large claws, each mounting a powerful beam saber inside. These claw arms also had built-in beam cannons that could be used when the claw arms are still folded on its shoulder. The Gundam Belphagor also has a pair of powerful atomic scissors mounted on its knees. Finally, it features a chest-mounted sonic smasher cannon, which was an early version of the NRX-0013 Gundam Virsago's megasonic cannon.


  • Strike Claw
  • Atomic Scissors
Atomic scissors are heavy duty pincer claws designed for close-combat grappling, specifically they are designed to grip and crush mobile suits armor. The atomic scissors of the Belphagor would be further developed and employed on the NRX-0015 Gundam Ashtaron.
  • Sonic Smasher Cannon
The sonic smasher cannon is a high output energy cannon. Data on this cannon would be used to develop the megasonic gun of the Virsago.
  • Heat Wire
  • Large Heat Saber

Special Equipment & Features

  • Flash System


Created by the UNE during the 7th Space War, there are not many details known about the Gundam Belphagor. What is known however is the fact, that an unknown number of this Gundam-type worked so well in ground battles, that it prevented the SRA from launching a full-scale invasion of Earth. In the After War era, the Belphagor was used by the New UNE as the basis for their new Gundam models, the NRX-0013 Gundam Virsago and NRX-0015 Gundam Ashtaron.

At least one Gundam Belphagor survived until AW 0024, when it was found by a group of Vultures. This Gundam was later piloted by a mysterious Newtype named Kai, who used it to fight against the Vultures.


Notes & Trivia

  • Junya Ishigaki himself stated that the head of the Gundam Belphagor is based on Go Nagai's manga character Devilman.

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