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The GF11-042NSB Mammoth Gundam is a Mobile Fighter from the anime series Mobile Fighter G Gundam.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Neo Siberia's entry in the 11th Gundam Fight of F.C. 48 was probably one of the oddest entries in the history of the Gundam Fight. Forsaking the standard humanoid Gundam design, the Mammoth Gundam was instead based on the woolly mammoths that roamed Neo Siberia during the ice ages. Its only armament appears to have been a beam cannon located in its snout. The Mammoth Gundam's enormous size made it difficult to maneuver, especially against standard humanoid Gundams. This was evidenced when it was easily defeated by Neo Nepal's Kyral Mekirel and his GF11-033NNP Tantra Gundam.


  • Beam Snout
A beam cannon mounted in its snout.
  • Tusk


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