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The GF13-017NJ Shining Gundam is a Mobile Fighter for the nation of Neo Japan built for the 13th Gundam Fight. It was featured in the anime Mobile Fighter G Gundam and is piloted by Domon Kasshu.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Designed by Dr. Mikamura, it was piloted by series protagonist Domon Kasshu, and represented Neo Japan in the 13th Gundam Fight. The Shining Gundam is equipped with two beam swords, two forearm mounted cannons known as "Shining Shot", head mounted vulcans, shoulder mounted machine cannons, and the signature "Shining Finger" technique. This attack focuses heat into the Gundam's hand, which causes it to glow green and allows it to easily crush the head of an enemy Gundam. It contains an Emotion Energy System, which if given enough input allows the Gundam to power up significantly, allowing it to channel the Shining Finger energy into one of the swords, creating a Shining Finger Sword, which is large and powerful. As the Shining Gundam does not carry a physical shield, the defensive capabilities of the Shining Gundam rely on Domon himself.

Normal Mode

This form is the default mode of the Shining Gundam. It is used when Domon is fighting another opponent without the use of the Shining Finger.

Battle Mode

This is the first of the Shining Gundam's high-powered modes, which allows it to employ its devastating Shining Finger attack. In this form, the Gundam's arm covers pop out and its face armor opens for extra ventilation. This transformation increases the Shining Gundam's speed and offensive capabilities, but reduces its sensor effectiveness, adaptability, and defensive strength.

Super Mode

The second of the Shining Gundam's high-powered modes. In this form, the Shining Gundam's overall performance is increased by 50%, its speed and offensive power are more than doubled, and the panels of its armor open up to reveal a variety of cooling systems, boosters, and field generators. The Super Mode is powered by the emotional energy of its pilot Domon Kasshu, who at first can only attain this state when he loses control of his rage and passion. However, through the instruction of Schwarz Bruder, Domon learns to attain the serene state of mind of a true warrior, allowing him to activate the Super Mode at will.

True Super Mode

Similar to the Super Mode, but Shining Gundam changes to an all gold color. The overall capabilities of the unit are increased tremendously. However, this mode can only be used when Domon is in a state of complete calm.


  • Vulcan Gun
Rarely used by Domon, the vulcans are mounted in the forehead. Which are primarily used for close range defense or for thwarting movement.
  • Beam Swords
Two beam swords are stored on the left sideskirt. These are primarily used for slicing into opponents' Gundams or parrying other beam attacks.
  • Machine Cannons
Rarely used by Domon, the machine cannons are located on the main body. They are primarily used for close range defense or for thwarting movement.
  • Shining Shot
Also rarely used by Domon, the Shining Shot consists of two forearm mounted beam cannons that have destructive power. These are are only used when defending Tokyo's Shinjuku district from the Death Army.
  • Smoke Grenade
Only used once against the Neros Gundam, throws a canister that blankets a large area in smoke.

Ultimate Attacks

  • Shining Finger
Domon's signature move, the Shining Finger concentrates a large amount of energy into the Shining Gundam's hand, turning it light green. Domon then grabs the head of the opposing Gundam and crush it, thereby winning the match. Though the Shining Finger was powerful, it was only usable at close range. During his first encounter against the GF13-001NHII Master Gundam, Domon and Rain (who pilots the Shining Gundam to deliver it to him and still clad in the mobile trace suit) manage to increase the power of Shining Finger by performing the move together.
  • Shining Finger Sword
A more powerful variant of the Shining Finger, the Shining Finger Sword concentrates the energy of the Shining Finger into one of the beam sabers, changing its color to green. The length of the saber increases dramatically and Domon is able to impale an opponents head with the sword. However, this technique was unreliable as it relied on the Emotion Energy System, meaning that it could only be used based on Domon's state of mind.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Emotion Energy System
When Domon's anger peaks, his emotions are turned into energy. This activates the Shining Gundam's Super Mode, giving out maximum output. He is later able to activate the Super Mode at will after achieving a serene state of mind, unlocking the True Super Mode.


Note: For information on the Shining Gundam's history, please go to Domon Kasshu's page.


  • Shining Gundam Urban Combat Type
A different colored Shining Gundam used for combat in city areas.
A copy of the Shining Gundam, it is equipped with an AI system.

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Notes & Trivia

  • Domon says the following phrase when the Shining Finger is used: "Ore no kono te ga hikatte unaru! Omae wo taose to kagayaki sakebu! Hissatsu, Shining Finga!" ("This hand of mine glows with an awesome power. It’s burning grip tells me to defeat you! Now here I go, Shining Finger!")
  • The Shining Gundam and it's successor the God Gundam take their appearance from the battle armor worn by the ancient samurai warrior class.
  • When Shining Gundam enters Super Mode and draws its beam sword, the words G Gundam appears on the sword's blade.
  • In Super Robot Wars R and Super Robot Wars Impact, Rain pilots the Shining Gundam after Domon receives the God Gundam and keeps using it until the games' endings as there is no Rising Gundam in the games.
  • The Shining Gundam is the first Gundam to not carry the traditional beam rifle/weapon and shield.


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