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The GF13-041NSI Ashura Gundam is a mobile suit from Mobile Fighter G Gundam. It is piloted by Russets Daggats of Neo Singapore.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

This six-armed mobile fighter represents the space colony of Neo Singapore. The Ashura Gundam's torso and legs separate into three independent attack units, each sporting its own pair of arms. The two leg units can then grapple its foe while the torso unit attacks with its built-in missile launchers, or the three units can team up to perform the Chozetsu Guren attack, in which their rapid spinning creates a lightning-hurling tornado.


  • Eye Launcher

Ultimate Attacks

  • Chozetsu Guren (Transcendent Lotus)


In the Finals, Russets was joined by Neo Malaysia's Gala Garla in a tag team match against Neo Sweden's Allenby Beardsley and Neo Japan's Domon Kasshu. While Russets and Gala had the upper hand at first, they both eventually lost the match to Domon and Allenby. After the 13th Gundam Fight ended, Russets returned as part of the World Gundam Federation to defend Earth from the JDG-00X Devil Gundam.


  • Ashura Gundam is named after a race of Hindu demon gods known as the Asura.

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