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The GF9-003NEL/GF10-001NEL/GF11-001NEL Royal Gundam is a Mobile Fighter from Mobile Fighter G Gundam. It is piloted by three time Gundam Fight winner Gentle Chapman.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Little is known about the British Gundam's capabilities. However, it appears to be similar to the John Bull Gundam, specializing in long-range combat and using a beam rifle as its primary weapon.


  • Vulcan Gun
  • Machine Cannon
  • Beam Rifle


The Britain Gundam was first deployed in 40 FC, during the ninth Gundam Fight. With Gentle Chapman at the controls, it became the first (and so far, only) Gundam to ever win consecutive Gundam Fights, winning the ninth, tenth, and eleventh tournaments for Neo England. By its third win (in 48 FC), the Britain Gundam's successes had driven the other colonies into an uproar, forcing Neo England to delay the twelfth Gundam Fight by four years.

After international relations had settled down enough for the next Gundam Fight to be held, the Britain Gundam finally returned to the battlefield of Earth in 52 FC, with Chapman looking to extend his Gundam Fight winning streak to four tournaments. By this time, most of the other entries were seeking to beat the Britain Gundam at its own game, having developed long-range mobile fighters in imitation of Neo England's strategy. However, for the Britain Gundam this would not happen - instead, it was defeated by the melee oriented Kowloon Gundam piloted by Master Asia of Neo Hong Kong.

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