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GFAS-X1 Destroy Gundam

Unit Type

Limited Production Transformable Heavy Assault Mobile Suit




Model Number
  • GFAS-X1
Developed from
First Seen
Last Seen
  • 74 C.E. (Battle of Daedalus)
Known Pilots

General Characteristics

Overall Height
  • 56.30 meters184.711 ft
    2,216.535 in
    (MS mode)
Head Height
  • 38.07 meters124.902 ft
    1,498.819 in
    (MS mode)
Standard Weight
  • 404.93 metric tons
Pilot Accommodations
  • Pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
  • 2 x "Aufprall Dreizehn" High-energy Beam Cannon
  • "Zorn Mk2" 200mm Energy Cannon
  • "Nefertem 503" Thermal Plasma Composite Cannon
    • 20 x Circumference Beam Cannon
  • 4 x "Igelstellung" 75mm Automatic CIWS
  • 3 x "Super Scylla" 1580mm Multi-phase Energy Cannon
  • 2 x "Sturm Faust" Detachable Remote Weapon Arm
  • 4 x Mark 62 6-tube Multipurpose Missile Launcher
  • "Schneidschutz" SX1021 Positron Reflector Shield searchgray_iconsmall.png
  • 2 x MJ-1703 5-barrel Hand Beam Cannon

The GFAS-X1 Destroy Gundam is a heavy assault transformable mobile weapon, featured in the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

As its name implies, the Destroy is built for only one purpose: massive destruction. Nearly being three times as large as an average MS, the massive suit is capable of destroying an enemy mobile suit by simply stepping upon it. Also to accomplish its goal of mass destruction, the unit is equipped with a large number of weapons; allowing the suit to destroy a big city like Berlin or take out a large number of mobile suits and support crafts.

Mobile Armor Mode

The massive backpack carried by the Destroy mounts four thrusters, allowing the suit to hover over the ground at low altitudes in Mobile Armor mode. Besides this, the backpack mounts three of the weapons used by the suit. The first and perhaps the most powerful among its weapons are the two "Aufprall Dreizehn" high-energy beam cannons which are capable of literally cutting through a city, or to obliterate enemy units- causing instant massive destruction against enemy defensive positions. Also mounted on the backpack are "Nefertem 503" thermal plasma composite cannons, which are fired from 20 beam cannons mounted around the side circumference of its backpack, thus providing strong firepower in every direction regardless of environment. Lastly, the backpack mounts four Mark 62 6-tube multipurpose missile launchers (two launchers mounted in the front, two in the opposite direction), capable of firing a large number of missiles at enemies.

Mobile Suit Mode

Like its backpack, the main body of the Destroy mounts a wide variety of weapons. The Destroy transforms into MS mode by rotating its lower half 180 degrees, lowering the arms and moving the backpack to the rear of the unit. Mounted in the head is a "Zorn Mk2" 200mm energy cannon in place of the mouth, as well as four "Igelstellung" 75mm automatic CIWS, which are the only shell-firing weapons used by the massive suit. The chest unit features not the cockpit; but also three"Super Scylla" 1580mm multi-phase energy cannons, capable of causing massive damage to a city or most targets- if fired in conjunction with the "Zorn Mk2" energy cannon. Both the arms of the Destroy are "Sturm Faust" detachable remote weapons, with each hand of the suit is in fact a MJ-1703 5-barrel hand beam cannon disguised as the Destroy's fingers; granting it massive firepower at any range, regardless of obstacles standing on its way.

Aside from its vast array of offensive weaponry, the Destroy also carries defensive equipment in the form of several "Schneidschutz" SX1021 positron reflector shields. One known emitter is mounted on the forehead unit of the backpack in MA mode, while each detachable arm mounts another one. It was unknown if the unit piloted by Stella Loussier was equipped with a Geschmeidig Panzer Energy Deflection Armor (as shown in the anime as it fights initially with the ZAFT Forces in Berlin, and its fight with Kira Yamato's Freedom Gundam and Shinn Asuka's Impulse Gundam) which deflects most of the ZAFT Forces' beam and projectile weapons, the Freedom's Full Burst Mode, and the beam rifle barrage from Impulse.

The most effective method for taking down the Destroy Gundam; is to use a mobile suit with high speed and mobility to get in close to the giant mobile suit. At such close range, the Destroy has difficulty using its weapons or positron reflectors to defend itself, despite the fact that it remains a threat to attacking mobile units as it is still capable of warding them off while it is busy fending off other units. When in range, the attacking mobile suit should use its beam saber; preferably an anti-ship sword or just in case- a more powerful beam weapon capable of disabling a particular weapon unit fielded by the Destroy. At that range the Destroy cannot adequately defend itself against a beam saber or a beam weapon attack. Alternatively DRAGOON Pods armed with beam spikes (such as the large DRAGOON Pods of the ZGMF-X666S Legend) can penetrate the Destroy's Positron Reflectors and quickly tear through the interior of the machine.


  • "Aufprall Dreizehn" High-energy Beam Cannon
Mounted on the backpack of the Destroy, the Aufprall Dreizehn beam cannons are comparable to battleship caliber- class beam cannons and are able to either swipe or slag enemy units and support craft, OR; to literally cut through most structures or cities. NOTE: it only works on MA Mode.
  • "Zorn Mk2" 200mm Energy Cannon
Mounted on the mouth section of the Destroy's head, this is a large- calibered beam cannon unit derived from the same model fielded by the GAT-X370 Raider. It can deal serious firepower to anything that hinders Destroy's rampage- can be used in conjunction with the Super Scylla cannons for serious destruction. Usable in MS form only.
  • "Nefertem 503" Thermal Plasma Composite Cannon
A set of 20 beam cannons mounted on the side linings of the circumference of the Destroy's backpack (with 10 on the left and right side each), these beam cannons appears to be capable of continuous fire for limited amounts of time, as well as adjusting its shooting angle by rotating its barrels while being fired- it functions as both pure barrage and slice n' dice. It works on both MA and MS mode.
  • "Igelstellung" 75mm Automatic CIWS
Widely deployed among Earth Alliance mobile weapons and battleships, the Igelstellung CIWS is a rapid fire weapon normally used to shoot down missiles and other nimbler targets. However, in the case of the Destroy units they were rarely used, as they were made redundant by the positron reflector shields mounted by the Destroy
  • "Super Scylla" 1580mm Multi- phase Energy Beam Cannon
Derived from both the GAT-X303 Aegis and GAT-X131 Calamity's Scylla Multi- phase Energy Beam Cannon, three of these cannons are mounted on the upper torso/ chest portion of the Destroy and are usable only when the Destroy is in its MS form. They can deal serious firepower and instant destruction against most targets, and can be fired in conjunction with its Zorn Mk 2 energy beam cannon for maximum effect.
  • "Sturm Faust" Detachable Remote Weapon Arm
Capable of being ejected/ detached from the arm of the Destroy, the Sturm Faust serves as the Destroy's remote weapons and are fully usable within Earth atmosphere, unlike most other types of remotely operated weapons. On board each arm, a 5- barreled beam cannon and a positron reflector shield is carried, to serve as offense and defense support respectively.
  • MJ-1703 5-barrel Hand Beam Cannon
A single beam cannon unit, whose multiple barrels masquerade as the Destroy's fingers; and are mounted on the Sturm Faust detachable arms. They can dispatch enemies in any ways possible with ease.
  • Mark 62 6-tube Multipurpose Missile Launcher
4 missile launchers (with 2 facing the front and the rear) are mounted on the top surface of the backpack, primarily used for mobile unit interception and pure offensive barrage.
  • "Schneidschutz" SX1021 Positron Reflector Shield
With three such devices mounted the Destroy: one on each Sturm Faust detachable arm, and one more on the forehead unit of the backpack; these positron reflector shields allows the Destroy to block almost every form of ranged weaponry that an enemy can fire at this massive mobile behemoth.

System Features

  • Operating System
The Destroy uses the unique yet unit- exclusive- Gigantic Unilateral Numerous Dominating Ammunition Fortress operating system.


Initial Strike: The Battle of Berlin

The first Destroy unit was stationed aboard the land carrier Bonaparte, where it is assigned to Extended Natural pilot, Stella Loussier. Together with a small number of Earth Alliance mobile suits, the massive suit sortied several times against ZAFT-occupied cities in Eurasia, causing massive damage to the ZAFT forces and killing thousands of people. This was ordered by LOGOS Leader Lord Djibril in order to show the world the consequences of aligning themselves with ZAFT.

From the steppes of Russia, Destroy finally reached Berlin, in Germany. While engaging the remaining ZAFT forces in the area, the Archangel and the ZGMF-X10A Freedom intervened. Together they fought against the Destroy, which, after maintaining it's mobile armor mode, finally transformed into its mobile suit mode. Throughout the battle, the Destroy utilized it's reflector shields, causing further damage to the city. Later on, the ZAFT battleship Minerva engaged the Destroy under direct yet emergency orders from the PLANT Supreme Council to aide their surviving comrades. As the only functional MS stationed on the Minerva, the ZGMF-X56S Impulse was launched, with its pilot Shinn Asuka being the only one able to deal damage on the Destroy with its beam saber attack. Before he could finish it, he is warned by Phantom Pain Colonel Neo Roanoke in his customized GAT-04+AQM/E-A4E1 Jet Windam, that the Destroy's pilot is none other than- Stella Loussier. Stunned by the revelation, Shinn tried to talk to her and was momentarily able to stop Stella from causing more harm, until an explosion within the cockpit caused her to spot the Freedom. Stella's conditioning kicked in, and she attempted to use the Destroy's Zorn Mk2 and Super Scylla cannons combination attack against the Freedom, forcing Kira Yamato; the Freedom's pilot, to attack the Destroy by stabbing it in the middle chest cannon unit, then strifing the remaining two with its Beam Saber. The attack resulted in the near- destruction of the unit; and the explosions created by its destruction, contributed to the death of its first pilot; Stella Loussier.

The Short- Lived Fortress Defenders: The Battle of Heaven's Base

After PLANT Supreme Council Chairman Gilbert Durandal exposed LOGOS' existence to the world, a large fleet of ZAFT and Earth Alliance renegade forces attacked LOGOS' main headquarter in Iceland, in the shadow of the Earth Alliance's stronghold- "Heaven's Base". During the battle, five more Destroy units were fielded, one of which was piloted by Extended Natural and former ZGMF-X24S Chaos pilot; Sting Oakley. Their first act was to simultaneously fire their "Aufprall Dreizehn" cannons, destroying dozens of ships in the progress- most of which were former EAF naval units. As they proceed on destroying the remainder of ZAFT's Invasion Force with most of the Destroy Unit's fully utilized; ZAFT pilots Shinn Asuka with his new ZGMF-X42S Destiny, Rey Za Burrel in his new ZGMF-X666S Legend and Lunamaria Hawke in Shinn's former MS, Impulse; were able to put a halt on their rampage once and for all. Together the three Gundam pilots were able to destroy the five Destroy units, carving the path for ZAFT's victory over the remainder of the LOGOS Group.

The Final Blow: The Battle of Daedalus

Followed after the initial attack of the EAF's Requiem superweapon, the Minerva launched a surprise attack on the EAF's Daedalus lunar base. To defend the base, three more Destroys, along with a large number of mobile suits and mobile armors were deployed. The three however proved to be no match for Shinn and Rey in their suits- Destiny and Legend respectively whose weapons has reached its full potential. The downfall of the last of these monstrosities, led to the defeat of the Earth Forces- again.

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  • Destroy's concept and design are very similar to the MRX-009 Psyco Gundam/MRX-010 Psyco Gundam Mark II in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, and its mobile armor mode closely resembles the MA-08 Big Zam in Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • It should be noted that all 3 of the aforementioned mobile weapons were all destroyed by beam sabers.
  • The detachable hands of the Destroy closely mirror those found on AMX-014 Doven Wolf.
  • This unit should not be confused with the GT-9600-D Gundam Leopard Destroy from After War Gundam X.
  • The final battle between Shinn (Impulse), Kira (Freedom) and Stella (Destroy) can be considered a remake of the battle between Kamille Bidan (Z Gundam), Four Murasame (Psyco Gundam) and Jerid Messa (Byarlant). Shinn and Kamille share the same role in the battle, as well as Stella and Four and Kira and Jerid. Though Kira attacked the Destroy, not Shinn .
  • A curious note is, that all three of the Gundams participating in the battle mentioned above (Impulse, Freedom and Destroy) all have exactly the same number of letters (7) in their respective names.
  • Destroy is the only Earth Alliance Gundam that was mass-produced and not part of the GAT Series, and used a unique yet unit- exclusive MS Operating System.
  • Despite it's sheer size and firepower- its power source and armor type are unknown. However, based on speculations and its combat performance; it's possible that the unit is powered by multiple ultracompact batteries or a power source similar to what Archangel or Minerva uses (which are also unknown).

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