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The GGF-000 Master Phoenix is an original mobile suit from the SD Gundam G Generation series which debuted in SD Gundam G Generation OVER WORLD. It is piloted by Code Phoenix.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A successful prototype developed from the GGS-000 Phoenix Zero, the Master Phoenix is the personal mobile suit of knight warrior Code Phoenix. The overall design of the Phoenix is altered greatly, removing the transformation mechanism to bird mode and the funnel containers.


  • Cross Binder Sword
Two Cross Binder Swords are equipped on the Master Phoenix, giving it powerful Close Combat abilities. In addition to being sizable metal blades, the swords can generate adjustable-length beam sabers. When combined together, the swords can create the massive Burning Sword to take down large battleships. When its not in use, the swords are stored on the wings of the Master Phoenix, acting as stabilizers.
  • Sword Mega Beam Cannon
While the swords are stowed on the wings, the Master Phoenix can rotate all four binder pylons forward, forming a pair of powerful, open-barrel Mega Beam Cannons.

System Features


How it was developed is unknown, the unit appears in all Gundam universes in pursuit of both Barbatos Neuro and Code Amelias on their plans to disrupt the dimensional balance.

The data from the Master Phoenix is later perfected and developed into the GGF-001 Phoenix Gundam


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