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The GGF-001 Phoenix Gundam is an original mobile suit and one of the variants of GGF-000 Master Phoenix from the SD Gundam G Generation series which debuted in SD Gundam G Generation F. Its default pilot is Mark Guilder.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The GGS-000 Phoenix Zero is believed to be the first prototype of the Phoenix series developed and was supposed to lead into the creation of the Phoenix Gundam. However due to a series of issues it was deemed a failure.

Not to be dissuaded efforts were instead concentrated on improving the GGS-000 Phoenix Zero, instead of abandoning it, and eventually this lead to the development of the GGF-000 Master Phoenix which was considered a success. With the development data from the GGS-000 Phoenix Zero and the GGF-000 Master Phoenix the Phoenix Gundam soon became a reality.

While the Phoenix Gundam is considered a successful prototype it seems to have very few common features with other notable Gundams or even the GGF-000 Master Phoenix which it was also developed from. However, like most Gundams, it has superior ranged and close combat abilities, as well as the ability to perform an all-range attack using its feather funnels.

Later on the Phoenix Gundam would, at the hands of Mark Guilder, unleash its Full Power. Obtaining this state results in a large increase in overall power, fuel efficiency, as well as unlocking new abilities and armaments that weren't possible for the Phoenix Gundam originally. Whether this is the intended and true form of the Phoenix Gundam or not is currently unknown.

On another note, the Phoenix Gundam's wings are actually four powerful mega beam cannons. It is also armed with a pair of beam rifle's which can combine into a larger beam rifle. Other weapons include vulcan guns, beam sabers and the psycommu remote weapon named, "Feather Funnel".

The Phoenix Gundam can also transform into "bird mode" and perform a special attack called Burning Fire by covering itself with super heated energy released from the Phoenix cross. The Phoenix Gundam can than proceed to ram through a single or several targets at once at high speeds and for devastating effect while it is inflamed.

Whether intended, a design flaw, or to conserve fuel the Phoenix Gundam can only transform when performing its Burning Fire attack. Despite this it is still flight capable even in its MS mode. Finally, the Phoenix Gundam features a Nanoskin System similar to the Turn A Gundam, allowing it to self-regenerate damage. However, the Nano-skin System itself is inert while the Phoenix Gundam is not at its Full Power state.

In G Generation Wars, the attack animation of Phoenix Gundam reveals that its beam saber can be function the same way as the Cosmic Era's beam boomerang. Although the attack still has range of only 1 grid instead of 2-4 like the beam boomerang.


  • Beam Saber
The Phoenix Gundam is equipped with two beam sabers for close combat. It also uses the beam sabers as beam boomerangs for medium ranged enemies.
  • Mega Beam Cannon
The unit is armed with four beam cannons on its wing binders with a high power output and it also serves as boosters when the unit is in flight mode.
  • Vulcan Gun
Uniquely, the Phoenix Gundam were equipped with an pair of Vulcan Guns, which allows Phoenix Gundam to shoot down missiles or enemy aircraft.
  • Combinable Beam Rifle
The Phoenix Gundam was equipped with two beam rifles with an variable output, which allows the unit to deliver the great damage to its enemies and it was also able to combine the beam rifles into a powerful beam launcher.
  • Feather Funnel
The Phoenix Gundam is equipped with six Psycommu remote weapons, known as "Feather Funnels". These funnels are stored in the wing binders of the Phoenix Gundam. Like other funnel-type weapons, they need to be periodically recharged at the mother suit for continuous operation.
  • Burning Fire
The Phoenix Gundam covers itself in Phoenix Flames and rams through one or multiple enemies at once. Extremely powerful and is only useable when the Phoenix Gundam has achieved a state of Full Power.

System Features

  • Nano-Skin System
The Phoenix Gundam has the same Nano-skin System as the Turn-A does, which allows the mobile suit to make quicker repairs.
  • Black Box Replication


Little is known about the Phoenix Gundam's origins. Officially, it is believed to come from beyond the solar system, like the CONCEPT-X 6-1-2 Turn X. This, along with its nano-skin system, have lead many to believe that Phoenix Gundam is somehow related to the Turn-X and its "brother", the SYSTEM ∀-99 (WD-M01) ∀ Gundam. Some speculate that the Phoenix Gundam is meant to combine aspects of all the Gundam universes; indeed, some even believe that the Phoenix is the true essence of the Gundam, given physical form. However, all this remains speculation, and the Phoenix Gundam's true origins remain a mystery.

In SD Gundam G-Generation Spirits, it was revealed that it was constructed from its failed prototype and been enhanced with various technology from all eras. In SD Gundam G-Generation World, the unit was succeeded by the GGH-001 Halphas Gundam and the GGV-000 Barbatos which took the data from the Phoenix to develop 2 Gundams of destructive potential.

In G-Generation Over World, it's revealed that the Phoenix Gundam is a perfected model of the GGF-000 Master Phoenix, which is once piloted by Code Phoenix.


In SD Gundam G Generation F, Phoenix Gundam is the most expensive unit and it is impossible to acquire one without using an ID code. Not only is it a very powerful unit (losing only to joke Psycolo Gundam and Psyco Haro) but Phoenix Gundam can be fused with almost every unit, this allows the player to easily complete unit profiles in the library.

However, it becomes weaker in later games and has its fuse list shortened like common MS.

In SD Gundam G Generation Wars the Phoenix Gundam can be combined with Haro, in order to obtain the incredibly powerful "Phoenix Gundam (Full Power)", which can be combined with every mecha in the game except basic-type mobile suit and another "Phoenix Gundam (Full Power)". It is also one of the most expensive (150000 Credits, while the normal Phoenix Gundam only costs about 50000).

In SD Gundam G Generation Overworld, the Phoenix Gundam can be obtained by raising the GGS-000 Phoenix Zero's level to the level 3 and added at the shop with the cost about 19300 while the Phoenix Gundam (Full Power) can be obtained by raising the normal Phoenix Gundam's level to the level 5 and added at the shop with the cost about 50000.


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  • Unlike most original units from the G Generation series, the Phoenix Gundam's profile only has its technical information and doesn't mention its background history at all.


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