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The GGV-000 Barbatos Mirage is a variant of the GGV-000 Barbatos with a unique color scheme, however it is slightly weaker. It would make its first appearance in SD Gundam G Generation Over World

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Barbatos Mirage incorporates nearly all of the technology and characteristics of the GGV-000 Barbatos. However, despite being created afterward the Barbatos Mirage is overall inferior to the original GGV-000 Barbatos when it comes to sheer combat specs. Despite this the Barbartos Mirage is still a formidable machine and can, like the GGV-000 Barbatos, transform into Peacock Mode and it utilizes the same standard equipment as the GGV-000 Barbatos. The Barbatos Mirage also uses the same Hyper Nano-Skin System as the GGV-000 Barbatos making it an extremely durable due its ability to regenerate through vast amounts of damage inflicted upon it.


  • Beam Saber
The Barbatos Mirage is equipped with a beam saber, mainly used for throwing as part of its powerful attack.
  • Feather Mega Beam Cannon
The unit is armed with twelve Feather Mega Beam Cannon on it's shoulders which unfolds and fires with a high power output. It also serves as boosters when the unit is in flight and as part of its powerful attack.
  • Head Beam Cannon
Like the GGV-000 Barbatos, the Barbatos Mirage is also equipped with a powerful beam cannon on its head though it is still only usable in Peacock Mode.

System Features

  • Hyper Nano-Skin System
The same version used by the GGV-000 Barbatos, this also allows the Barbatos Mirage to enjoy rabid repairs as well.




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