The GH-001 Grimoire is a mobile suit that was featured in the Gundam Reconguista in G anime series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A mobile suit based on the Amerian Army's Jahannam. It possesses more Photon Batteries than the regular mobile suit. It's performance is currently being evaluated while acting as mobile suits for the Pirate Corp before being adopted by the regular Amerian Army at a later point.[1]


  • Head Vulcan
Vulcans mounted on the head. The number of these equipped would vary based on the unit.[1]
  • Wire Hook
A rocket propelled wire hook. It can also release high voltage electricity that can even damage mobile suits.[1]
  • Plasma Knife
  • Sub Machine Gun
A weapon that can either fire physical bullets or beams based on the type of magazine equipped.[1]
  • Beam Wire
  • Shield
A shield used for defense. It also possesses thrusters that can be used in emergencies.[1]





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