GN-004/te-A02 Gundam Nadleeh Akwos (aka Gundam Nadleeh Akwos, Nadleeh Akwos), is Gundam Nadleeh equipped with a trial enhancing equipment Akwos, it is featured in Mobile Suit Gundam 00V. The unit is piloted by Tieria Erde.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Akwos equipment gives Nadleeh the appearance of a Roman centurion, with additional armor and a helmet in place of its "hair". Several blade antenna are attached to its elbows and knees. Its main weapon is the GN Mask Sword, a large solid blade that looks like a Gundam face with its V-fin joined together to form the long blade. This sword can be attached to Nadleeh's shield, and be can split into a large V-fin antenna in order to disperse massive amounts of GN particles. This configuration greatly improves the effectiveness of Nadleeh's Trial System. Despite the benefits, the Akwos armor is attached directly to Nadleeh, meaning that Virtue cannot be used. Since Virtue's heavy firepower is needed this equipment is rarely used.


  • GN Beam Saber
The sabers function by emitting a positron field which holds condensed GN Particles in the form of a blade. When in contact with another surface, the positron field breaks and releases the condensed particles directly onto the contact surface. Though such weapons are more versatile than solid blades, the GN particles composing the blade body may be subject to dispersion and other forms of disruption and grow less effective in different atmospheric environments. Nadleeh is armed with two beam sabers, assumed to be comparable in functionality with that of the Exia's standard-length beam sabers, which are stored in the knees when not in use.
  • GN Shield
The shield is a simple defense used to block most incoming ballistic and explosive projectiles. The GN Shield offers an efficient means of protection for Nadleeh, as it's main weakness is it's low particle storage capacity compared to the Virtue. As a result, it cannot use a GN field and must remain mobile, as the mobile suits armor is weaker compared to the other Gundams and easy to breach.
  • GN Mask Sword
Nadleeh Akwos can use its main weapon in only close combat. The sword's name comes from the fact that it has a large Gundam face on the hilt. The sword can also be stored on the shield and spread the blade in half. It was specifically designed to increase the spread of GN Particles across the battlefield and increase the effectiveness of the Trial System.

System Features

Trans-Am temporarily gives Gundam Nadleeh Akwos 3x its normal performance capabilities, but often used to temporarily charge itself for special attacks without completely draining its GN particles in the middle of combat. When fully utilized, Gundam Nadleeh Akwos will have a nearly impenetrable GN Field, increase in engine thrust, physical strength, and more power to its GN weaponry.
A system designed to generate a invisible field wave that shutdown any mobile weapon that's connected to Veda. While it is also useful in a rogue or traitor scenario, the system was mainly created due to the human nature of the Gundam Meisters, since even the most well trained human being under extremely stressful circumstances can break down and act irrationally due to emotions.


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  1. Gundam 00V Weapons Development Chart

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