GN-005/PH Gundam Virtue Physical (aka Gundam Virtue Physical, Virtue Physical) is the initial design to Virtue before it upgraded to particle beam weapons, featured in Mobile Suit Gundam 00P. The unit is piloted by Tieria Erde.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Gundam Virtue Physical is Virtue's alternate armor. Since Virtue's armor, known as Virtue Particle at the time, drained too many GN particles, the Virtue Physical armor was created and relies on solid projectiles. Instead of storing GN particles to create a GN Field, the leg armor has built-in GN Missile Containers and can only generate a GN Field with side particle generators on the legs. The GN Bazooka is replaced with a GN Physical Bazooka that fires solid ammunition rounds. It also carries a pair of GN Panzer-fausts on the left forearm, which are similar to a GN Missile, but more powerful. Virtue Physical also has a large GN Beam Cannon on its left shoulder and still retains the GN Beam Sabers from Virtue Particle.

Eventually, Celestial Being manages to improve their GN Condensers, which allowed Virtue Particle to function at a practical level and the Virtue Physical became obsolete, no longer used in combat.


  • GN Beam Cannon
Unlike the four Shoulder GN Cannons on the normal Virtue, the Physical pack carries a single, much longer GN Beam Cannon, mounted on the back.
  • GN Missile Container
Virtue Physical, due to the massive size of its legs, also carries two GN Missile Containers. Each container houses 24 individual GN Missiles and Virtue Physical has 48 GN Missiles total. These missiles could be fired one at a time or all at once when faced with a large amount of enemies.
  • GN Panzer-Faust
This weapon works on same concept with GN Missile, just much larger. The Panzer-Faust is similar to a modern Rocket-propelled grenade. The Virtue Physical carries two of these and will fire them towards a designated target. The GN Panzer-Faust will explode on contact with enough force to destroy a mobile suit.
  • GN Physical Bazooka
Since the Beam Bazooka currently used then drew too much power, the GN Physical Bazooka was created. It is carried in the Virtue's right hand and fires only solid rounds. This Physical Bazooka uses GN Particles to incease the velocity of its bazooka round to extraordinary speeds, similar to a rail weapon.

System Features

GN particle emitters are attached to Virtue Physical's legs. When facing enemy fire, the GN emitters extend and vents GN particles around Virtue Physical as a energy shield. The GN Field is often deployed when facing overwhelming numbers for defense or focusing on a specific target. This shield system isn't a absolute defense as it's still able to sustain damage from up-close firing or a mobile unit physically hitting Virtue.


Tieria is piloting Gundam Virtue Physical to test out its armor with the help of Grave and Hixar. In order to test Virtue Physical, a mock-battle was setup with Rasiel. The fight between the GN Field-using Virtue and it’s opponent Rasiel is a close match. Hixar plunged into the line of Virtue’s beam which Grave waited for the moment the Rasiel's bits used up their particles and returned to fire. Hixar gets injured. Grave abandons Virtue’s mock battle to rescue Hixar. Hixar manages to recover quickly and Grave then sends his report to Tieria and Veda.

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Notes & Trivia

  • The name of the unit is derived from Greek, Virtues.
  • The GN Panzer Faust is similar to the Sturm Faust used in the Universal Century; both appear to be based upon the World War II Panzerfaust.


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