GN-00902 SEM (aka SEM), featured in Mobile Suit Gundam 00V, are MS replicas of GN-009 Seraphim Gundam. They are pilot-less remote controlled mobile suits for Tieria Erde to expand the abilities of Trial.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Overall, the SEM is a toned down mass-produced version of Seraphim.[1] Noticeable differences include the non-Gundam head design and the utilization of a particle storage tank instead of a GN Drive.

Seravee's enhancements included Seraphim and two unmanned Seraphims called SEM for the expansion of the Trial System to a wider area and from which Veda-linked machines with solar furnaces are rendered useless. Along with Seravee, the two SEMs are controlled usng quantum signals from Seraphim, and this remote control interaction range is theoretically infinite. On the other hand, there is a limit to the area to which the Trial System can expand. Nevertheless, an area of a hundred kilometers can be covered.


  • GN Beam Machinegun
A small machinegun specifically designed for the Seraphim and the SEM. It can be stored on the knee when it is not being used.
  • GN Beam Sabers
Stored within the SEM's arms is a pair of beam sabers. Just like the GN Cannons these can be used in either backpack or mobile suit mode. These beam sabers have only been used in backpack mode.
  • GN Cannons
Either in its backpack configuration or as a mobile suit the SEM 's primary and most powerful weapons are the GN Cannons located within its arms. In cannon configuration the hands fold into the barrel. Each arm is capable of firing a powerful GN beam that can destroy a mobile suit or significantly damage a larger target.

Special Equipment & Features

In a battle against enemy units mis-using Veda's abilities, the SEMs help extend the range of Trial. Along with Seraphim, the SEMs help provide a dominating ability over the battlefield against Innovators.



During the conflict between A-Laws and Celestial Being, A-Laws continuously introduced new and more formidable MS and MA units that challenged the survivability of CB's Gundams. The demand for more powerful weapons was necessary to help Celestial Being and their Meisters maintain an edge to survive in future conflicts. An upgrade design was drafted for both Seravee and Seraphim as part of their GN-H(eavy)-W(eapons) development, GN-008GNHW/3G Seravee Gundam.

Though the development was sped up as a trump card to the enemy Innovators, manufacturing the two SEMs was difficult. Deployment of the SEM units was further complicated because Gundam Meister, Tieria Erde, had not yet regained the link to Veda. Without that link, the SEMs could not operate autonomously. Despite providing additional firepower, concerns of the added mass would restrict Seravee's mobility. The risk of losing their trump card before Veda was recaptured were too great. As such, Seravee sortied in the final battle with GNHW/B, which was the second plan.

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Notes & Trivia

  • The name SEM - Hebrew "name", "fame", "renown"; in Septuagint, Sem; A.V., Shem.
  • The name, SEraphiM is also analog to GundaM.


  1. PG 1/60 GN-0000+GNR-010 00 Raiser manual

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