The GNMA-XCVII Alvatore (aka Alvatore), is a large golden mobile armor in season one of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and featured in Mobile Suit Gundam 00N. The unit is piloted by Alejandro Corner.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

This mobile armor is designed after a horseshoe crab (or stingray) with thick armor throughout its body on top of its super GN Field. Because of the excess GN particles provided by the seven GN Tau Drives (not including the one used by the GNMS-XCVII Alvaaron), it can generate a powerful GN Field that can repel GN beams and fire its GN cannon in succession with short recharging. While it's super GN Field can shield from attacks, it can't eliminate highly maneuverable units and relies on its GN Fangs (remote guns, no beam saber-like abilities), thick armor, GN Beam Turrets mounted around the sides of the hull and grappler pincer claws to combat enemy targets. Two short, thick legs can fold down from the bottom of Alvatore's hull, presumably as landing gear, as it was only ever seen deployed in space; these are easily overlooked and were never used. Even without its GN Field, the Alvatore can withstand considerable abuse by GN Particle weaponry. While nigh impregnable to beam weaponry with its GN Field up, Alvatore's shielding can be breached by GN Blades. Should the mobile armor become inoperable, the top section of the armor can separate and engage enemy units as a mobile suit, the GNMS-XCVII Alvaaron.


  • GN Beam Rifle
Above the where the cannon is situated are two beam rifles. Used for mid-range attacks, the positioning of the rifles keeps them on a forward firing arc. Should the Alvatore mobile armor be rendered inoperable, the Alvaaron can use these beam rifles.
  • GN Beam Turrets
All over the body of the Alvatore are 24 beam turrets. These turrets are one of the primary weapons used for dealing with faster enemy targets that can't be destroyed with the beam cannon.
  • GN Fang
Stored within the "tail" of the mobile armor are six GN Fangs. These fangs are similar to the weapons used by Throne Zwei. Unlike the Fangs of Zwei, the ones on the Alvatore lack wings that serve to increase their mobility, and also lack the Fang's signature blade, resulting in them being used as remote beam guns.[2] As a consequence, they are much more easier to destroy.[2]
  • GN Giant Beam Cannon
The largest and most powerful weapon in the Alvatore's armaments is the GN Giant Beam Cannon.[3] The cannon is situated on the very front of the mobile armor and can fire a large golden beam at tremendous range. Because of the high GN Tau Particle production of the seven GN Tau Drives, the cannon can fire in quick succession with little recharge time. Although a powerful weapon capable of destroying multiple enemy units, the cannon is relatively ineffective against smaller, faster targets.
  • Pincer Claw
The Alvatore is equipped with two large and powerful pincer claw weapons. Normally folded into the side when in standby, they have the strength to rip a MS in two, or simply crush it with its pincers, as an Assault Container can be crumbled by the two claws.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Combat AI
The Alvaaron is equipped with an on board combat AI that helps the pilot engage in battle.[1] This AI is responsible for long range shooting and simple combat maneuvers.[1] Combat AIs are usually meant for simple one on one fights or long range shooting with heavy firepower as the maneuvers required during these instances are simplistic.[1] As a result of this, the scope of its effective usage is the battlefield is fairly narrow and is generally not equipped on other mobile suits.[1] The Combat AI also had a support feature that is linked to Ribbons and Veda, but it did not function as intended due to Ribbons' betrayal.[1]


Alvatore Vs Exia

Setsuna .F.Seiei/ Exia double teamed with Lasse Aeon/GN Arms Type-E to eliminate Alvatore. They were inside the Combat (or Assault) Container and attempted to ram the container through the GN Field, enough to fire it's GN weapons. Alejandro/Alvatore used the pincer claws to grab the Combat Container and attempted to rip the unit apart. Both Setsuna/Exia and Lasse/GN Arms Type-E ejected from the container and attempt to destroy the unit together. Alejandro executed the GN Fangs and GN Beam turrets to eliminate them both, but avoided Alvatore's firing solution. Exia and GN Arms docked for mobile armor to mobile armor combat. GN Arms Type-E got badly damaged during combat and Setsuna/Exia used its GN Blade to ram into Alvatore (while ejecting from GN Arms at the same time). Alvatore's GN Field was taken down and the mobile armor was destroyed.


Seven years after the destruction of the Alvatore, it is depicted as more draconic in a movie titled Celestial Being.

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Notes & Trivia

  • The mobile armor also shares similarities to the MA-06 Val Varo in shape and in how it was destroyed with melee weapons, how beams could not penetrate their defense, and in the large claw arms both units have.
  • The letters in Alvatore/Alvaaron's model number are the roman numerals for "97".
  • In crossover storyline of SD Gundam G Generation Wars, Alvatore also appear in cinematic scene of New Mobile Report Gundam Wing. Where Alejandro Corner saving Treize Khushrenada by using Alvatore's GN Field to block massive beam from Libra. Then he thanks Treize for united the Earth nations, but now it's Alejandro who will lead them.
  • In the SD Gundam G Generation games, the Alvatore's GN Tau Particles appear gold instead of the usual red.


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