The GNR-101A GN Archer (aka GN Archer, pronounced "Gun Archer"), is a transformable support unit for GN-007 Arios Gundam and is piloted by Marie Parfacy.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

GN Archer is a transformable MS created to support GN-007 Arios Gundam, and when both suits are in fighter mode, they can combine to form Archer Arios. Manufactured in the L3 resource satellite, it is developed based on GN-003 Gundam Kyrios's GN Tail Booster and is actually a rebuilt GNY-0042-874 Gundam Artemie. As a result, it can be considered to be Artemie’s successor variant. GN Archer is powered by a huge GN Condenser when operating independently, and can feed off GN particles from Arios' GN Drive when combined.

In fighter mode, GN Archer is capable of high speed combat and can use its 16 GN missile launchers as well as a pair of GN vulcans near the nose to engage enemy units. In MS mode, GN Archer retains the use of the missile launchers and gains the ability to attack enemy units with two wide-muzzle beam rifles or with its beam sabers. GN Archer serve as a Tail Booster unit after combining with Arios, enhancing its speed and offensive capability. It can operate independently when piloted, and helps to divert attention from Arios or reduce Arios' burden in combat situations. However, it must periodically return and dock with Arios in fighter mode to recharge its GN Condenser(s), especially in extended fights. This is considered to be GN Archer's main weakness as it forces Arios to transform (regardless of the situation) to recharge the unit or it would eventually power down. Under certain situations, this can become a liability as GN Archer hinders Arios in combat with enemy units.[2] Another design flaw, although a minor one, is that the beam rifles cannot be used in fighter mode.

Overall, GN Archer's combat capabilities are lesser than the Gundams, but rivals any GN-X III and/or Aheads in the battlefield; however the lack of a GN Drive limits its operation in combat. As the unit is meant to be a new Gundam during its construction, but later re-purposed, GN Archer still has a Gundam face behind its visor.


  • GN Beam Rifle
GN Archer is equipped with 2 GN Beam Rifles. The muzzle of these rifles are wider compared to those used by Gundams and can thus fire larger beams. Instead of attacking the enemy, the main purpose of the rifles is to protect allied units (like shooting to create a gap between the enemy and allied unit).
  • GN Vulcans
A pair of GN vulcans are mounted near the nose of the fighter mode. They have low power but high firing rate and as such, they are often used to shoot down missiles or to limit the enemy's movement when in MS battle.
  • GN Missiles Launchers
GN Archer is equipped with 16 missiles launchers in the side binders and they are coverd by 8 hatches. The GN missiles stored within have homing capability and when they hit their targets, they inject GN particles to destroy the enemy from within.
  • GN Beam Saber
Same close-quarter-combat GN-weapon used by other Gundams. GN Archer has two of them, which are used in mobile suit mode.



The GN Archer was developed by Linda Vashti at the Langrange 3 asteroid base. It was attached to Arios to escort the escape ships away from the combat zone, and later to defend a crippled Ptolemy 2 on Earth against Gadessa. Later, Marie Parfacy volunteered to launch in the GN Archer when the Ptolemaios 2 was at risk of being overrun by A-Laws forces, but this was cut off when the A-Laws were called back to deal with the Federation coup attempt led by Pang Hercules.

Post break pillar incident, Marie's Soma personality took over and participated in all of Celestial Being's operations with GN Archer. She confronted Andrei Smirnov once, fighting equally with the GN Archer, only to be stopped by Allelujah and Saji from chasing Andrei.

In the final battle against the Innovators, Allelujah/Arios and Soma/GN Archer were responsible for covering Ptolemy 2 which was docked at the Innovator's colony ship. Just when GN Archer ran low on GN particles and needed to dock with Arios, it was severely damaged by 2 incoming GAGA Forces kamikaze units. Soma was unharmed, leaving only Allelujah/Arios to protect the disabled GN Archer and Ptolemy 2 (0 Gundam ran out of GN particles as well). The fate of GN Archer is unknown, it's presumed the unit was either salvaged or scrapped during the construction of GN-011 Gundam Harute.

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Notes & Trivia

  • The design of the GN Archer's head is almost identical to the RGM-79 GM, and its fighter mode is similar to the MSA-005 Methuss.
  • The GN Archer appears alongside Arios in Gundam Extreme Vs. as its Assist. Unlike other Assists, GN Archer is automatically deployed and follows Arios wherever it goes and is invulnerable to damage, able to act as a shield while being able to fire back. GN Archer also docks with Arios in MA Mode as well.

Articles & References

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