The GNW-002 Gundam Throne Zwei (aka Gundam Throne Zwei, Throne Zwei, Zwei), is one of three Gundam Thrones piloted by the Trinity siblings in Mobile Suit Gundam 00. The suit was initially piloted by Michael Trinity but was later stolen by Ali Al-Saachez and used to help defeat Celestial Being during the events of the first season.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Like the other Thrones, Zwei is based on a common chassis. Minor changes are made to both the structure and avionics systems to Zwei so as to fulfill its function in Team Trinity's battle doctrine: medium to melee range combat.

In order to reduce weight, the Gundam Throne's body uses its torso mainframe as part of the GN Drive itself, which gives it a very different silhouette from other Gundams.[2] Also, GN Particles are distributed to each part of the body via the frame structure rather than through cords like the Ptolemaios Gundams.[2] When the coating on the surface of the frame is stripped away, luminescence can be seen due to the effects of these particles.[2] The same kind of system is used even in the frame within the cockpit.[2]

Zwei has two signature weapons: the GN Buster Sword and the GN Fangs. The GN Buster Sword is a large sword that uses GN particles to enhance its damage capabilities, this combined with Michael Trinity's berserker-style piloting made for punishing attacks. The GN Fangs are a set of 8 remote controlled weaponry, they allow the Zwei to engage multiple enemy units at once or to overwhelm a single opponent. Either way, they allow the Gundam's pilot to take advantage of the confusion and close in for the kill with the GN Buster Sword. That is of course assuming that the enemy survived the Fangs, a claim only a few pilots can make. Michael would typically use six Fangs, keeping two in reserve in case of emergencies. Ali Al-Saachez, who took over the Gundam after murdering Michael, would typically employ all eight Fangs at once. Other weapons of the Zwei includes a pair of GN Beam Sabers and a GN Handgun


  • GN Handgun
A ranged GN beam weaponry mounted on the left forearm, this placement ensures that it would not get in the way when Zwei is using the GN Buster Sword. The GN Handgun's firepower is weaker than the beam rifles used by the other Gundams. It can be used to link up with GNW-001 Gundam Throne Eins, providing the latter with sufficient GN particles for its "GN High Mega Launcher".[2] Under Michael, Zwei rarely uses its GN Handgun as it often deploys its Fangs for ranged combat.
  • GN Beam Sabers
Stored on Zwei's shoulders, they are the same weapon as the ones used by Eins and Drei. The GN Beam Sabers that the Thrones use have a small GN Condenser within, meaning the beam blade does not dissipate when it leaves the Gundams' hand. The Thrones' beam saber size are also larger than Exia's, and hence has higher power.[2]
  • GN Fangs
Housed in two GN Fang Pods on Zwei's waist, GN Fangs are a collection of 8 remote controlled weaponry. The GN Fangs are equipped with a beam emitter each that can fire beam shots or emit a short beam blade. When deployed, the Fangs would unfold their wings for flight and depending on the pilots discretion, they will proceed to either shoot down or stab through enemy mobile units. The GN Fangs also possess the ability to pierce GN Fields.[3][4] Due to their limited GN particle capacity, they need to return to Zwei to recharge.
  • GN Buster Sword
Stored on the Zwei's right shoulder when not in use, it is a large sword that has the traits of both physical and beam sword due to the use of GN particles. The central component of the sword stores GN particles, the particles are released when the sword slide opens vertically. The released particles can be used to alter the sword's weight, increasing its weight and hence destructive power when it contacts the enemy.[2] It is also used as a shield because of its enormous size.

Special Equipment & Features

The Gundam Throne Zwei features a Bit Control System, allowing the pilot to control the GN Fangs.
  • On-Board Drive Start-Up Mechanism
A feature unique to the Throne Gundams is that they use their own compact on-board drive start-up mechanism. Thus, they do not need a special start-up machine in order to activate their GN Drive Tau.
  • Turbulenz Pack
Like its sibling units, the Gundam Throne Zwei can use the Turbulenz Pack to improve its combat capabilities. The Throne Zwei would've used the Turbulenz Pack's GN Fang Containers to store its GN Fangs. Although capable of using the pack, it was only built for the Gundam Throne Eins.


For the history of the Gundam Throne Zwei, go to either Michael Trinity or Ali Al-Saachez's pages.

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Notes & Trivia

  • The first part, Throne, is a name for a class of powerful angels who were close to God and dispensed justice according to God's will. The second part, Zwei, is the German word for the number two. It may also reference the large swords used by Germanic soldiers, Zweihander.
  • While Zwei is in-universe a close combat variant of the basic Gundam Throne mobile suit series, in real life it was the first Gundam Throne designed and Throne Eins and Drei were created later off Zwei's initial design (IE they are Zwei's variants). As such, it is the "original" Gundam Throne among the three in real life design.
  • When the HG Throne Zwei model kit was released, some of the model magazines showed that a beam saber can be attached to the tip of the GN Buster Sword. Since none of the linearts and information on the Gundam released thus far have noted this ability, it is likely the beam saber is a modification by modellers hired by the magazines and not a canon ability.


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