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The GNY-001F/hs-A01D Gundam Avalanche Astraea Type F' (aka Gundam Avalanche Astraea Type F Dash, Avalanche Astraea Dash, Astraea), is a variant of GNY-001F Gundam Astraea Type F, suited with the high mobility Avalanche armor in the side-story Mobile Suit Gundam 00P Special Edition as well as Mobile Suit Gundam 00I. The unit is piloted by Fon Spaak.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Although the GN Drive Tau particle propulsion system native to the Gundam Astraea Type F allows for relatively high speed and acceleration, the unit is actually incapable of matching or exceeding certain air crafts and spacecrafts in flight. To eliminate this issue, the high mobility equipment hs-A01 Avalanche that was previously used by Gundam Avalanche Exia' was equipped onto the suit. The optional equipment consists of a series of large-capacity GN Drive Tau particle condenser attachments, which act to store the particle production of the GN Drive Tau for release in a single 10-minute burst of ultra-high speed. Higher output is possible, but the strain it places on the body of the pilot becomes severe. As the condensers require a full hour to charge, repeated use of the burst function is impossible. Unlike the Gundam Avalanche Exia', Gundam Avalanche Astraea Type F' doesn't carry the Seven Swords armaments.

It possess 2 different modes, one is a High Mobility Mode that is used to achieve high maneuverability in multiple directions instead of just a single direction while the other is a High Speed Mode that allows it to burst at high speed in one single direction. Its GN Claws mounted on the legs can also emit a beam saber and use them in a similar manner to GNW-20000 Arche Gundam.[1]


  • Beam Saber
The beam saber is a hilt with the ability to activate beam blade by generating a positron field filled with GN Particles.While they are generally stronger than GN solid blades, one disadvantage is their performance varies depending on the surrounding atmospheric conditions.
  • GN Claw
A GN Particle infused claw weapon that is mounted on the leg attachment, it can also produce a beam saber.
  • GN Hammer
Designed by Hanayo and improved by Sherilyn Hyde before it is maunfactured, this flail-type hand held weapon is Fon's favorite weapon. A retractable wire connects the hand holder with the spiked-ball which houses a GN Condenser. Using the weight manipulation ability of the GN Particles within, the GN Hammer can greatly increase its weight when it hits a target, dealing tremendous damage. The impact can be strong enough to cause a concussion or even loss of consciousness even if the pilot is wearing a seatbelt. The armor thickness of current mainstream MS cannot withstand a single blow by the GN Hammer. Furthermore, the spikes on the sphere are made from the same material as the GN GN Katar and GN Sword III and can release GN Particles into the target’s body when it hits, destroying it from the inside like the GN Missiles. It is a weapon that can deal large amount of deal while keeping its GN Particle consumption minimal. The GN Hammer also has four miniature thrusters to help the weapon launch quickly and impact its target with great destructive force. As a result of these thrusters, the hammer can move in weird trajectories beyond the laws of physics.
  • GN Sword
A solid GN blade attached to a miniature forearm shield, which serves as the Avalanche Astraea Type F`'s primary weapon. It works by applying a GN Field over the solid sword which greatly increases the sharpness and cutting power. The blade can be vertically folded along the forearm, exposing the muzzle of a beam rifle.


In Gundam 00P: File No.S03 Red Avalanche, Hanayo detected an odd energy stream flowing from a lunar base on the moon. Hanayo advises Fon that there is a big chance that it's a trap for him, but Fon says, "I will go to confirm if it's a trap" and sorties in the GNY-001F/HS-A01D Gundam Avalanche Astraea Type F Dash. Two GNMA-Y0001 Empruss mass production types piloted by Devine Nova clones that are protecting the lunar base attacks Fon Spaak. Bored of the battle, Fon shakes free from them and the Avalanche Astraea F Dash enters into the moon base. But not soon after, Hanayo detected a huge energy reaction within the moon base. Fon had expected this and quickly gets Avalanche Astraea F Dash to exit the base at full power. However, they are soon caught up by the explosion. "Despite being in the explosion, the suit should be able to hold on for a few seconds" says Fon, as he pushes on. He had planned all along to escape amid the explosion. This daring plan of his caught the two Empruss outside off guard and they successfully escape.

A few hours later, the Avalanche Astraea Type F Dash safely returned. Hanayo asks Fon, "Why did you go even if you knew it was a trap?". Fon replies, "Because it was a trap set for me. In short, it was something made so that I won't get bored. I couldn't not answer the invitation." Hanayo could not understand why Fon was laughing, but she pitied the enemies who tried to trap him.

During Gundam 00I, Avalanche Astraea Type F' returns with Fon Spaak. He uses the suit to face off against a revived Beside Pain who had taken over the body of Leif Recitativo while in the CB-001.5 1.5 Gundam. Beside manages to destroy the Avalanche' armor but Fon destroys the binders of the 1.5 Gundam. Eventually, Telicyra Herfi uses his ability and reawaken Leif, who then permanently eliminates Beside from his mind. It is unknown what happened to either the Gundam Astraea or Fon Spaak afterwards.

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Notes & Trivia

  • The name Avalanche refers to the immediate elimination of all units before the attached Astraea, as if in the face of an actual avalanche. The designation "hs" stands for "high speed" and "A01" stands for "Avalanche Unit 01" while the "D" means "Dash."


  1. Gundam 00V Senki Chapter 8

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