The GNY-002FB Black Gundam Sadalsuud Type F (aka Black Gundam Sadalsuud Type F, Black Sadalsuud), is the Innovators replicated variant of the GNY-002F Gundam Sadalsuud Type F in Mobile Suit Gundam 00F.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Customized as a testbed for an array of sensor technologies, sensors were installed in multiple locations across the unit. To accommodate the sensors, effective armor and equipped armaments are reduced to a bare minimum. The installed GN Drive Tau and related devices are of the same series as that used in the Astraea, but the vernier propulsion design is the basis of the Dynames hip thruster. The revolvable equipment dock on the unit's left & right shoulders is a prototype to that used in the Dynames. Other features include movable panels attached to the front skirt and a chest sensor located upon the left breast. The Innovators decided to replicate the GNY series to experiment on before concentrating development and production of their GNZ series.


  • Revolve Bazooka
Primary armament, a multi-purpose physical-round firearm with a revolver-style cylinder, variable in function based on the type of munitions loaded. Designed to accompany the sensor system as a practical testing device for the unit's aiming capabilities. An on-board sensor is situated beneath the barrel. A rotatable grip is attached to the top surface.
  • GN Beam Sabers
For close range combat, Sadalsuud has two beam sabers. Located on the rear thrusters, on the outer edge of each.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Sensor Shields
Its official designation unknown, a pair of shield-like devices thats normally secured to a revolvable docks on the unit's left & right shoulders, with movable panels attached at either side of the sensor plate in the middle of the outwardly-faced surface. A larger cylindrical sensor is located in the compartment furthest from the shoulder, used for the imaging of regions outside the effective reach of the unit's frontally-oriented fixed scan range.


The Black Gundam Sadalsuud first appeared in chapter 19, accompanying the rest of the Innovators' GNY series to destroy Fon Spaak in the Gundam Astraea Type F2 and Hixar Fermi in the Gundam Sadalsuud Type F. While Black Sefer Rasiel battled Gundam Sadalsuud Type F. The rest battled Gundam Astraea Type F2. Fon takes down the Black Gundam Sadalsuud and of the rest of Black Gundams single handledly by himself using Trans-Am.

Some time afterwards, Black Sadalsuud was salvaged and repaired by Fon for his own uses and was given the Fereshte's paint scheme.

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  • Sadalsuud, when translated, means the "Luckiest of the Lucky" or the "luck of lucks". And it is also associated with the Tarot Card: The Star.


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