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GNY-002 Gundam Sadalsuud


Sadalsuud GNY002 rear

Unit Type

Prototype Reconnaissance Mobile Suit


Photo Novel


Model Number
  • GNY-002
Namesake Sadalsuud
Developed from
Developed into
First Seen
Known Pilots

General Characteristics

Head Height
  • 18.2 meters59.711 ft
    716.535 in
Standard Weight
  • 49.9 metric tons
Pilot Accommodations
  • Pilot only (in cockpit in torso)


  • GN Verniers
  • Revolve Bazooka searchgray_iconsmall.png
Special Equipments and Features
  • Sensor Shield searchgray_iconsmall.png

The GNY-002 Gundam Sadalsuud (aka Gundam Sadalsuud, Sadalsuud), is a 2nd generation Gundam and predecessor to the GN-002 Gundam Dynames. The unit appears in the side-story Mobile Suit Gundam 00P and later upgraded as GNY-002F Gundam Sadalsuud Type F in Mobile Suit Gundam 00F.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Gundam Sadalsuud is the one of many prototype successor MS unit to GN-000 0 Gundam and predecessor to GN-002 Gundam Dynames; a intermediary design and 2nd Generation prototype Gundam. It was secretly constructed by Celestial Being engineers at Krung Thep. The unit overall is an experimental advanced reconnaissance unit. It was customized with an array of newly developed sensor technologies as a testbed to refine e-sensor technology for future Gundams; sensors were installed in multiple locations across the unit (kneecaps, forehead, and shield). While it was designed to refine sensor technology, the Sadalsuud also serves as a combat support unit.

In terms of weapons and combat abilities, it is lightly armed with a Non-GN Revolve Bazooka for long range firing and a pair of GN Beam Sabers for melee combat. A pair lower rear vernier thrusters gives Sadalsuud greater flight control and stability; in extension of testing its sensor systems, the Revolve Bazooka was fitted with targeting sensors for increased accuracy for firing solutions. During its development, the experimental multi-sensor system affected its defense and combat capabilities. To accommodate the sensors, effective armor and equipped armaments were reduced to a bare minimum.[1] Overall, the Sadalsuud is best used as an advanced recon scout, combat support unit, and not suitable for direct engagements.

The Sadalsuud's GN Drive control mechanism differs from that of 0 Gundam and its benchmarks are both in higher output and greater instabilities due in part of the GNY series's new prototype thrust system. The revolvable equipment dock on the unit's right MS shoulder allows the sensor shield to provide partial dynamic shielding while scanning for targets. Other features include movable panels attached to the front skirt and a chest sensor located upon the left breast. The purpose of the sensor array on the right shoulder is presently unknown, but presumed to enhance Sadalsuud's sensor readings.

After testing on Sadalsuud was completed, Celestial Being engineers used its data to develop more advanced sensor technology onto future systems. When developing GN-002 Gundam Dynames, a great deal of its design was inherited from Sadalsuud. Because Sadalsuud still had tactical value, it was transferred to the Celestial Being's shadow support team, Fereshte. Celestial Being engineers decided to expand its combat potential with new system upgrades and re-classified the unit as GNY-002F Gundam Sadalsuud Type F.


  • Revolve Bazooka
Primary armament, a multi-purpose physical-round firearm with a revolver-style cylinder, variable in function based on the type of munitions loaded. Designed to accompany the sensor system as a practical testing device for the unit's aiming capabilities. An on-board sensor is situated beneath the barrel. A rotatable grip is attached to the top surface.
  • GN Beam Sabers
For close range combat, Sadalsuud has two beam sabers. Located on the rear thrusters, on the outer edge of each.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Sensor Shield
Its official designation unknown, a shield-like device normally secured to a revolvable dock on the unit's left shoulder, with movable panels attached at either side of the sensor plate in the middle of the outwardly-faced surface. A larger cylindrical sensor is located in the compartment furthest from the shoulder, used for the imaging of regions outside the effective reach of the unit's frontally-oriented fixed scan range.



Gundam 00P - File No.02: Gundam Meister 874

An HRL battleship has gotten close to CB’s Colony Krung Thep. Meister 874 is gathering intelligence using the Sadalsuud, Ruido Resonance launches in GNY-001 Gundam Astraea to intercept the ship. The instruction that came from Veda was “Defeat”. Here, Ruido in the Gundam starts attacking the person.

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Notes & Trivia

  • Sadalsuud (also the brightest star in the Constellation Aquarius), when translated, means the "Luckiest of the Lucky" or the "luck of lucks".
  • Each of the second Generation Gundams share a connection to a particular Tarot card, for Sadalsuud the card is The Star.

Articles & References

  1. Mobile Suit Gundam 00P File 02

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