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The GT-9600-D Gundam Leopard Destroy is a Mobile Suit from the anime series After War Gundam X. It is piloted by Roybea Loy.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

When the GT-9600 Gundam Leopard was heavily damaged in battle against the NRX-010 Gable, it was repaired and upgraded by Kid Salsamille with better weaponry and a new paint job. Unlike its predecessor which is mainly armed with conventional projectile firing weapon, the Gundam Leopard Destroy has both projectile and ranged beam weapons, allowing it to better contend with the newer mobile suits used by the New United Nations Earth forces. The single inner arm Gatling has been replaced by the twin beam cylinder, a pair of beam weapons that could fold over both forearms when in use and are stored on the backpack when not in use. The missile rack that was previously mounted in the right shoulder was removed and replaced by a vertical firing rack mounted to the left shoulder. The suit also gained several other new weaponry and can still mount an optional missile pod to the lower left leg. Leopard Destroy also has the option of combining with the aft section of the GS-9900 G-Falcon, granting it flight capability.


  • Twin Beam Cylinder
  • Breast Gatling
  • Hornet Missile
  • Head Beam Gun
  • Beam Cannon
  • 11-tube Missile Launcher
  • Wrist Beam Gun
  • Shoulder Launcher
  • Beam Knife
  • Separate Missile Pod
  • Heat Axe

System Features


The Gundam Leopard Destroy was first fielded by the crew of the Freeden during their raid on a Newtype Research Facility operated by the New United Nations Earth. There it engaged multiple New UNE units before the Facility was destroyed and the Freeden left the area to conduct another operation.

The Gundam Leopard Destroy was briefly captured by the New UNE after the Freeden was destroyed, but was quickly recovered by the North American Resistance Force under the command of Carris Nautilus. The Gundam was returned to Roybea Loy and became part of the mobile suit compliment of the Freeden II as it took part in the 8th Space War.

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