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G Team

Gundam Wing Pilots




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The "G Team" is the group of the 5 Gundam pilots sent to Earth at the beginning of Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. Each pilot was trained by a separate Gundam scientist at different colonies. Follows is a chart the contains the pilot's name and his mobile suit, colony cluster, scientist and OZ designation.

# Pilot Gundam Place of Origin Gundam Scientist
01Heero Yuy Wing Gundam L1 Colony Cluster Doctor J
02Duo Maxwell Deathscythe L2 Colony Cluster Professor G
03Trowa Barton Heavyarms L3 Colony Cluster Doktor S
04Quatre Raberba Winner Sandrock L4 Colony Cluster Instructor H
05Chang Wufei Shenlong L5 Colony Cluster Master O

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