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  • Male
  • MS pilot
  • Captain
Mobile Weapons

Gabriel Zola (ガブリエル・ゾラ Gaburieru Zora?) is a fictional character from the Advance of Zeta: The Flag of Titans manga/novel series.


A former Principality of Zeon captain and mobile suit pilot who joined the "Free Zeon" remnants after the end of the One Year War. Using guerilla tactics, he continually attacked Titans forces patrolling Side 1 with his allies Hildegard Skortzny and Kazakh Larson before joining the AEUG. He has an obsession with destroying the Gundam units of the Titans Test Team, and clashed with them throughout the course of the Gryps Conflict. He rescued Eliard Hunter near the end of the Gryps war and goes missing after. It was discovered that Zola secretly went to Earth, and was soon found by defense attorney Conrad Morris to appear in court as a witness in the trial of Eliard. The words "Zeon Alive" are stenciled on Zola's personal machines.

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