The EB-04 Geirail is a mobile suit from the second season of the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.

Design & Development

Geirail is a general purpose mobile suit deployed by Gjallarhorn as its main force before the Graze was developed.[1] Its Geirail Frame can trace its root back to the Calamity War era's Valkyrja Frame.[1] After Gjallarhorn fully transitioned to the Graze, the Geirail was phased out and only a few remain in operation with regional Gjallarhorn organizations and mercenaries.[1][2] It can also be seen in the teaching materials provided by training schools.[1]

The Geirail operated by Galan Mossa was arranged by Rustal Elion.[1] It shared the same frame structure and outer appearance as the original, but some of its internal parts originated from old prototypes as well as machines that were to be scrapped after heavy damage, and the Gjallarhorn registration code of all these units have been erased.[1][3] As a result, Galan's Geirail could not be identified, not even by its Ahab wave frequency.[1][3] The suit is equipped primarily for mid-close range ground combat.[1]


  • 110mm Rifle
A semi-automatic, mobile suit-use 110mm caliber rifle.[1][4] It has a side grip that provides high stability during aiming, and a high-capacity drum magazine.[1]
  • Shield-Axe
The blade section can bisect and spread along the cutting edge to be mounted on the forearm as a shield.[1] Galan Mossa's preferred weapon.[1]
  • Pickel
Used by mobile suit for dismantling decrepit space colonies, this ice-axe like tool can also be used as a close combat weapon.[5][6]


  • Self Destruct System
Galan Mossa's Geirail is equipped with a self destruct system to protect the secrets stored in its computer.
  • Back Hover Unit
Additional equipment mounted on the rear waist that allows for high mobility while on land.[1] This large, high output equipment can be used by other machines.[1]

Operational History





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