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Gina Rodriguez (ロドリゲス ジーナ) is a fictional character from the Mobile Fighter G Gundam series.


Gina is the younger sister of the representative for the 13th Gundam Fight for Neo Mexico, Chico Rodriguez. Suffering from a terminal illness, her wish is to stay on Earth for the rest of her life. However, should Chico lose the Gundam Fight, he and Gina would have to return to the Neo Mexico Space Colony as a result. Not wanting that to happen, Chico has chosen to avoid battling the other Gundam Fighters altogether, much to the frustration of the Neo Mexican Government. In a bid to lure him out, the Neo Mexico authorities lure Neo America's Chibodee Crocket to Neo Mexico, under the lie that his good friend, Neo Japan's Domon Kasshu, was killed by Chico. When Chico is soon discovered, Chibodee, angry at being tricked, deals with the Neo Mexican mobile suits while Domon faces Chico with the plan to destroy Chico's Gundam, and make it look like Chico died in the Gundam's destruction. The plan works as the Neo Mexican government believes Chico dead, and Gina and Chico are able to go into hiding so Gina's wish to stay on the Earth until she dies can be fulfilled.