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The Gondwana is a large Mobile Suit carriership in the series Gundam SEED Destiny.

Combat Characteristics

Despite its massive size, the Godwana is only lightly armed with eight dual cannons and further eight cannons. Since the ship was never seen actively taking part in a battle, it is unknown how the ship performs in one.

System Features

Since the ship is designed mainly as a carrier for mobile suits, it is able to carry hundreds of mobile suits of different types. These suits can be launched from the 16 linear catapults of the ship. The Gondwana is also able to enter the atmosphere of Earth and descend down to the ground, a remarkable feat for a ship of its size, how the ship is brought back into space afterwards is however unknown.


The heavy carrier Gondwana is a massive space warship used by ZAFT, introduced some times after the First Alliance-PLANT War. Dwarfing even the battleship Minerva the 1200-meter-long Gondwana is the largest space vessel ever built. During the Second Alliance-PLANT War at the Battle of Aprilius One, the Gondwana served as the flagship of the ZAFT defense fleet, and mothership of Yzak Joule's mobile suit squadron. Later, it served as the flagship for Yzak Joule's attack on the Requiem stations.

With the Minerva destroyed, the Gondwana assumed command. Lacus Clyne from the Eternal directly opened a line with the ship to negotiate and end the war.


The Gondwana is named for one of the two supercontinents which was formed after the breakup of Pangaea.

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