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Genetic Type
  • Innovade
Hair Color
  • Black
Eye Color
  • Brown
  • Killed in Action
  • Agent
  • Gundam Meister
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Grave Violento (グラーベ・ヴィオレント Gurābe Viorento?) is a Gundam Meister and the main protagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam 00P during its second season. As an Innovade under the direct command of Veda, Grave was responsible in scouting for the Third Generation Gundam Meisters, who would eventually perform armed interventions during A.D. 2307. As a Gundam Meister, he piloted the GN-XXX Gundam Rasiel.

Personality & Character

Grave Violento begins the second season of Gundam 00P as a cold and calculating individual who follows the instructions given by Veda to the letter. However as the second season progresses, through the interactions with his comrades and other people that he meets, Grave begins to question his orders and begins choosing his own path. This development leads Grave to become more human and illuminates the tampering with Veda.

Skills & Capabilities

Initially Grave is noticed to be an amazing pilot who can utilize the Rasiel in a very effective way. This is evident by his quick elimination of contemporary units. Grave is also a very effective melee fighter himself as evident when he eliminated Shep Alwan, who was known for his impossible physical strength. The reason for his remarkable skills became clear when it was later revealed that Grave is a combat type Innovade.


Gundam 00P

New protagonist in the second season of Mobile Suit Gundam 00P. Meister of GN-XXX Gundam Rasiel. As third generation meister and agent for Celestial Being, Grave spends most of his work as an agent to acquire information on military operations in preparation for Celestial Being's debut and protecting the organization by manipulating intelligence to ensure Celestial Being remains a secret before it begins its armed interventions. Grave is also charged with the recruitment of third generation Gundam Meisters and personally recruited Neil Dylandy and Allelujah Haptism.

Rasiel vs. Tieren Kyitwo

In chapter 14, while recruiting Allelujah, Grave and his team encountered the Tieren Kyitwo an MS from the Next Generation Technique Development Laboratory. Suddenly, pilots who are members of the NGTD Laboratory witnessed the Gundam Rasiel, and having relayed the news, the NGTD Laboratory started to move to capture the Gundam Rasiel. Those who witnessed the Rasiel are First Lieutenant Delphine Bedelia, and Second Lieutenant Leonard Fiennes, who is a super soldier. Grave was the one who fell into the trap of the new information about super soldier E-057, but he felt no need to hurry. The GN Sefer that Hixar was piloting is coming, and he knew the height of the ability of the Sefer Rasiel that was united.

Grave, who is just ahead of the Realdo force, expanded the GN Stealth, and everyone who have started to move towards him halted. Hixar sorties leading a troop with a total of 3 GN Sefers. With a part of the GN Sefer that was separated installed, Grave tackles the Tieren using the Sefer Rasiel, however, his companions were shot one by one. Hixar's pod is also shot, and it crashes. Grave was ready for close combat battle, but at this point, 5 GN Sefers led by Miester 874 materialized, and they unite one after the other at the core block at the back of Rasiel. Having 5 bits at the left and right side, Sefer Rasiel, signifying the fourth form "Angel's Book", is its natural appearance. Grave cornered the Tieren Kyitwo, but because he didn't notice the battle continuation time limit, he let the Tieren go. Regarding the reinforcements of the Realdo force that had stopped their contact come in, the Gundam-related battle traces needed to be concealed.

Battle with Fon Spaak


File No.16: AEU Assault

In chapter 16, Grave destroyed a squad of Hellions, and a mercenary force that saw the Orbital Elevator case are hired by the AEU to take down the Gundam Rasiel. The AEU gave their boss the mobile armor “Agrissa Type 7″ which was build to trap the Tieren Kyitwo. More Hellion squad are sent to take down Gundam Rasiel. The Hellion machines were shot down, those who remained retreated. Grave received a light-wave communication from the Agrissa that remained, and it asked, "Why, don't you want to know how I know about your team's existence?" At this question, Grave hesitated to attack. The enemy opened his cockpit, with both of his arms raised as a sign of surrender. The Rasiel landed in front of the Agrissa, but when the machine was near, suddenly the Agrissa covered the Rasiel in a plasma shield that was expanded. At the enemy's hands was a remote-control for his Agrissa. It was a trap the Gundam can withstand this kind of attack received, but Grave is exposed to these big electric shocks which can kill him.

A particle beam is fired from the Rasiel, and the Agrissa is silenced. Grave called to the enemy pilot who had begun to walk away as if nothing had happened. The man turns around. Grave removes his helmet and exposes his face. "A long haired chap?" the blond boy replied, and burst into laughter when asked about his name. He called himself, "Fon Spaak". "How do you know about us?" Grave inquired. "I gathered evidence," Fon retorted. "It was hidden too perfectly. If a human does it, I'm positive that irresponsibility accompanies it. My eyes are contrarily attracted to over perfection." Fon tries to leave from that place. Suddenly, an instruction from Veda entered into Grave's computer terminal. The instruction said, "Make the best use of Fon Spaak".

Mock Battle

In chapter 18,Grave and Hixar help out Tieria test Gundam Virtue Physical's armor. There in Rasiel’s cockpit, Grave was thinking about other things. Candidates for the three Meisters had already been decided. But, only for Exia’s Meister, Veda rejected whoever was put forth as a candidate. Almost as if someone behind the scenes was reserving Exia’s seat for someone in particular and furthermore, this Tieria Erde person before his eyes was someone Grave had absolutely no idea about. Grave knows some information about the Innovedo, which only one part of the organization should know. The fight between the GN Field-using Virtue and it’s opponent Rasiel is a close match. Hixar plunged into the line of Virtue’s beam which Grave waited for the moment the Rasiel's bits used up their particles and returned to fire. Hixar gets injured. Grave abandons Virtue’s mock battle to rescue Hixar. Hixar recovered quickly, Grave send his reports to Tieria and VEDA. The next day Hixar has been completely cured from being completely scorched, and jokes, "Can Veda possibly not revive people from the dead?"


In chapter 20, Grave, who has special authorization, reads Veda's data, and found that the data uploaded for Hixar is registered as "human", but having seen yesterday's accident, the guy in his best does not seem human. Grave believe Hixar is an Innovade not produced to imitate humans, but copied from an individual. The problem is, in spite of Hixar not being a human, the fact is being concealed from the organization. The explanation might be said that he was created for observing the organization, but this is simply unimaginable. Grave felt an uncomfortable feeling lurk inside him when this patching together these incidents that happened while he was selecting the meisters. "Someone is intervening with Veda, the plan is distorted."

Gundam eye-witnesses

Grave receives a new mission from Veda. "Eliminate Gundam eye-witnesses, and people who are knowledgeable on the organization's existence". The number one on the list that Veda presented is Fon Spaak. Then second are two Tieren Kyitwo pilots. It became evident that the location of the 2 targets is HRL. After Grave is handed down the duty of disposing of the Gundam eyewitnesses, he secludes himself in his room and links to Veda immediately after. He receives the news that “Soran Ebrahim”, who witnessed the GN-000 0 Gundam’s armed intervention testing, is to be left alone. the possibility of him being a man of talent for the organization is high”, and because of this reason, “Soran Ebrahim” is to be left alive. Later on, Grave recommended Fon Spaak as a member of the support group that Chall is building. Grave passes a cipher communication to the target using the network. Several days later, they meet at Grave's designated location. In a certain desert, Grave fights with a Tieren Kyitwo. Grave, who is a combat-type Innovade, destroys the drive of the Tieren Kyitwo in just a second after the Rasiel begins to move, and ends the combat letting the pilots live.


Moe 86658 sample

Hixar shooting Grave

Grave returned to the base, and just as he has changed to civilian clothes, the conclusion of Veda came out. “The cancellation of the disposal instruction.”In Grave’s face can be seen a sight of relief, but in contrast, Hixar arrives with a surprising behavior. Hixar fires one shot with his gun, and again shoots Grave. The first landed on his leg, and again on his leg, and then on his back, and lastly on his torso. “Uh, wha… what…” Hixar says as he panics. Hixar himself did not understand why he was shooting his close friend. Grave mustered to the last of his strength… “I’m s… sorry, Hixar…” However this weak voice did not reach the panicked Hixar. That very day, Grave was marked as “deletion” in Veda’s meisters list. Grave had already gone into cardiac arrest.

Innovade vs. Innovade

In chapter 25, Gundam Artemie was losing a battle with 1 Gundam with two GN Cannon, but a “revived” Grave piloting Rasiel came to support Gundam Meister 874. Moreno treated him swiftly, along with support from Ian. Grave’s brainwaves had already stopped, but after a short time he was revived. But, because the bullet Grave was shot with had been laced with cell-destroying nanomachines, Grave could only stay alive for about 30 minutes. In the instant the two Gundams came into contact, Beside’s special ability was put into effect. The ability was that Beside’s restricted/limited personal data can be forced upon and overwrite any Innovade linked with Veda. But, because Grave had his “record erased,” and was released from his Veda link, this technique was useless. Grave tore 1 Gundam to pieces. Grave and Gundam Meister 874 manage to defeat 1 Gundam and the GN Cannons.


Moe 102497 sample

Grave's death after the GN Condenser's particles ran out

20 minutes had elapsed since Gundam Rasiel sortied. Grave had less than 5 minutes of particles left. In the end, Grave sent a voice-only transmission to Hixar. Hixar was lying on the bed in his room, his eyes were not focused on anything. Grave spoke, intentionally not naming himself. He reported the progress of the battle in a business-like manner. He let emotion slip into the last words. “So… Stand up and live”. Then, these last words revived Hixar, and it was determined that he would work for the plan. Rasiel, having exhausted all of its particles, and Grave, having finished all his duties, quietly began a journey into the abyss.

Gundam 00F

A copy of Grave was seen alongside a clone of Hixar piloting a black version Sefer Rasiel Gundam. Both faced the original Hixar in his Sadalsuud Gundam Type F. Both clone of Grave and Hixar were killed.

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