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Gundam Assault Survive (ガンダムアサルトサヴァイブ) is a game developed by ArtDink and published by Namco Bandai Games for the PlayStation Portable. It was first released in Japan on March 18, 2010.


Unlike earlier titles which mainly concentrated on the Universal Century timeline, Assault Survive adds the events, personalities and units of Mobile Suit Gundam Seed and Mobile Suit Gundam 00 into the mix. The custom character creation system has also been expanded, with facial feature sets, birthplace locations, additional voice/personality selections and a questionnaire which can determine the pilot type. Depending on the setup and answers, a player character can either become a normal type, Newtype, Cyber Newtype, Coordinator, Extended, Gundam Meister or even a Special Technician (also known as Kamiwaza). Aside from unique stat boosts and abilities, some units can only be used by specific types. The Special Technician can use any unit regardless of type limitations, but cannot learn type-specific skills.

The player will no longer be required to choose a single faction. The custom characters can play any side of the war within the timeline but are limited to each faction's basic units at first. Likewise, operators are faction-free and can be toggled per mission instead of per timeline.

Mission areas with multiple sections are no longer one-way. Each has a move point which can be accessed by a special lock-on command. The player's squad can move to and from areas to provide backup to allied forces/progress through the mission. Events happening in other areas occur in real time. There is always the possibility that the forces requesting backup can be wiped out if the team is unable to get there immediately.

The designated squad leader can give commands by pressing select, then one of the directional keys for squad member A or one of the input buttons for squad member B. It's possible to issue commands to both simultaneously when in a tight spot. The squad leader has the ability to do a quick field repair of a downed member's unit, but if his/her own unit falls, the mission will end in failure.

A resupply point is provided in almost every mission to for the team to restore armor points. If left unguarded, it can also be destroyed by an enemy attack. While resupplying, the squad leader can order team members to follow suit.

In-game currency earned from missions can be used to tune MS, buy parts, development plans, newly developed MS/Subflight Systems, character pilots, operators, etc. Development of some new MS requires playing certain missions, launching a set number of times in a specific unit/using a certain pilot, or meeting the conditions of a development plan.

The Seed and 00 missions are available from the beginning, but are not accessible to custom pilots (UC-based units also cannot be used because of a "World Lock" factor that can be disabled later on) until the missions are cleared using the main characters.

Playable Units

U.C. 0079


U.C. 0079

U.C. 0083

U.C. 0087

U.C. 0088

U.C. 0093

U.C. 0123





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  • There are no selectable operators from CE and AD timelines, but the existing UC ones can be selected for the custom character accessible EX missions.
  • Katejina Loos' Cyber Newtype mode from the Mobile Suit Victory Gundam novelization is unlockable in the game.
  • Mu La Flaga, Rau Le Creuset and Ali al-Saachez each possess the Special Technician type because of conflicts between their canon identities and the in-game unit type restriction system:
    • In Mu's case, being designated as either a normal human or a Newtype will prevent him from using the Strike Gundam, which is a Coordinator/Extended-only unit.
    • For Rau, there is no "Clone" type, and he cannot really be considered as a Coordinator nor Extended. Like Mu, he will be technically barred from using the Providence Gundam under a different type.
    • As a normal type, Ali will not be able to use the Gundam Meister-restricted Gundam Throne Zwei since he was never a Meister to start with.

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