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Gundam Build Fighters Document (ガンダムビルドファイターズD (ドキュメント) Gandamu Birudo Faitāzu D (Dokyumento)?) is a photonovel based on Gundam Build Fighters.



  • Document 01:
  • Document 02:
  • Document 03: RX-78 Vs
  • Document 04:
  • Document 05:
  • Document 06:
  • Document 07:
  • Document 08:
  • Document 09:
  • Document 10: “Command Astray Gundam”
  • Document 11:
  • Document 12:
  • Document 13:
  • Document 14:
  • Document 15:
  • Document 16:
  • Document 17:
  • Document 18:


  • Takeshi Iori
  • Tatsuya Yuuki - A 7 year old primary school student. In order to follow his father's footsteps his life was all devoted to studies, devoid of anime and hobbies. That until his meeting with Toru, a boy of the same age as him, who brought him into the world of Gunpla Battle.
  • Toru Satsuki - A boy Tatsuya met at the summer resort during summer vacation. His father is well known in the real estate business and his house has a 7-piece large scale battle system installed in the basement. He introduced Tatsuya to Gunpla Battle and taught him building and battle techniques. As a sign of friendship, he give one set of his original gunpla arms "Mercury Lev" to Tatsuya.
  • Yana Kuramochi - A maid employed by the Yuuki family who takes care of Tatsuya. Has knowledge of subcultures like anime and Gundam.
  • Aaron Akkason
  • Saki Mishima
  • Shingo Asume
  • John Ayers Mackenzie
  • Julian Ayers Mackenzie
  • Eleonora McGovern
  • Allan Adams

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