The Gundam F91RR (RR is pronounced as "Double R") is a mobile suit from Gundam Try Age.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Gundam F91RR is a Gundam F91 combined with Grow-up Unit upgrade parts. Much like the Full Armor upgrade plan of mobile suits of previous eras, several armor modules have been placed over the F91's existing armor. Unlike the Full Armor plan, the Grow-up Unit also swaps whole parts such as arm armor and the backpack. As a result, the armor can't be ejected, but despite the bulkier frame, F91RR's overall performance is greater than the standard F91's.

In term of weapons, the F91RR keeps all of its fixed armaments except the beam shields. On each of its forearms are a combo of larger beam shield generators and small VSBRs. Another pair of small VSBRs are located on its shin armors. Finally, another pair of VSBRs which can be used as beam sabers.


  • Vulcan Gun
The Gundam F91RR is equipped with a pair of head mounted Vulcan guns. The purpose of the Vulcan guns is to serve as a mid-close range defensive weapon. While it can normally do little damage against the armor of a mobile suit it serves as a much more efficient and cost-effective means to shoot down incoming missiles, as opposed to using the beam rifle, the power of which would be overkill and is far more limited in ammunition. The Vulcan guns are an offensive weapon designed to be used against small lightly-armored targets such as ground combat vehicles or attack helicopters.
  • Mega Machine Cannon
The F91RR is equipped with a pair of fire-linked mega machine cannons in its chest. In the age of miniaturized mobile suits, the emphasis for mobile suit designs is speed, thus armor is sacrificed to reduce mass and weight. This leaves many mobile suits vulnerable to physical round weapons, such as machine guns, that had been discarded for mobile suit combat because of a lack of effectiveness after the One Year War. Though based on the concept of old mobile suit machine guns, the mega machine cannons mounted in the F91's chest have been improved with modern technology, making them more effective.
  • Beam Saber
The beam saber is the standard close-combat melee weapon of mobile suits descended from the RX-78-2 Gundam. The beam sabers are powerful weapons that emit a blade of plasma contained by an I-field that can cut through any physical armor. The only way to fully defend against a beam saber is to block it with another beam saber or a beam shield. Because of the I-field a beam saber can be used to block an attack from a beam rifle, but this is a technique that requires considerable skill, and can only block an attack of so much power. The F91RR is equipped with two beam sabers stored in a recharge rack in the left hip armor. The hands of the F91 are capable of rotating 360 degrees continuously, and when it holds the beam sabers this effectively creates a beam buzz saw.
  • Variable Speed Beam Rifle
The most powerful weapon employed by the Gundam F91 is a new type of beam rifle known as the Variable Speed Beam Rifle, or VSBR for short. Rather than being a hand-carried weapon powered by an energy cap or e-pac, the VSBR is mounted on the mobile suit itself and powered directly by its reactor. The pilot could adjust the speed at which the mega particles used in the beam fire were accelerated. Slower-speed particles produced a wider beam that delivered more raw damage, and higher-speed particles create a more tightly focused, penetrating beam. Thus, the F91's pilot could choose to deliver beam damage on a wider area or focused, high-speed shots to penetrate thick armor or even beam shields. In addition to the original two Variable Speed Beam Rifles which are mounted on the unit's backpack, the F91RR is also equipped with six smaller VSBR on its forearms, shins and backpack. Two VSBRs on the backpack can be removed and used as beam sabers.
  • Beam Shield
Unlike an I-field generator, which is effective only against beam attacks, the beam shield blocks both beam and projectile weapons. The beam shield generates a plane of energy similar to the blade of a beam saber. This plane is divided into multiple sections, which can be turned on or off as needed to conserve energy. Individual sections are also automatically deactivated whenever they're in danger of coming into contact with the mobile suit itself. Like beam sabers, the F91's beam shields have an internal battery that can power the shield even when not connected to the mobile suit. The Gundam F91RR is refitted with a pair of larger beam shields on each forearm.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Bio-Computer System
A new kind of man-machine interface that is functionally a reverse psycommu system, the bio-computer places less strain on its human operator. The bio-computer is originally intended to help the disabled, but its development is ultimately funded by the Earth Federation Forces, who hoped to employ it as a mobile suit control system and install it in the Gundam F91 for experimental purposes. As its name implies, the bio-computer is similar in structure to a human brain, and its operating processes resemble human thoughts and feelings. Rather than merely displaying data on a computer monitor, the bio-computer can relay it directly to the pilot in the form of sensory information, so what the machine "feels" can also be experienced by the human operator. However, the full latent potential of this system can only be tapped by a Newtype pilot.
  • Heat Radiation Fins
The weapons and high performance of the Gundam F91 made it a very powerful mobile suit, however that power came at the cost of potentially overheating from the tremendous amount of heat the weapons and systems generated. To offset this problem a set of three radiator fins were installed into each shoulder. During normal operations the radiator fins are hidden within the shoulder armor, but after extended operation as heat builds up the radiator fins would be deployed to help shed the excess heat.


Classified as a build MS, the Gundam F91RR is actually a modified gunpla of the F91 Gundam F91. The background story given by its builder is that of it being developed according to high rank Earth Federation officers who still prefer larger mobile suits from previous era over smaller ones.


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