Gundam Girls Generation (ガンダム・ガールズ・ジェネレーション Gandamu Gāruzu Jenerēshon?) is a line of 1/10 scale PVC static pose figures by MegaHouse, based on female characters from the Gundam metaseries.[1]


GGG # Model Series Yen Price Release Date Notes
01 Aila Jyrkiäinen Gundam Build Fighters ¥5,800 2015 January First release from the Build Fighters timeline. Figure is as depicted in episode 16.
02 Rinko Iori Gundam Build Fighters ¥5,800 2015 February Dressed in her normal outfit of yellow sweater and blue jeans.
03 China Kousaka Gundam Build Fighters ¥5,800 2015 March Dressed in her normal outfit of pink dress and black stockings.
04 Fumina Hoshino Gundam Build Fighters Try ¥6,400 2015 July First release from Gundam Build Fighters Try. Dressed in her normal outfit of yellow jacket over pink and white cross training suit.
05 Rinko Iori (Swimsuit Ver.) Gundam Build Fighters ¥6,400 2015 August Figure is as depicted in episode 7.
06 Mirai Kamiki Gundam Build Fighters Try ¥6,400 2015 September Dressed in Seiho Academy uniform.
07 Aida Surugan Gundam Reconguista in G ¥7,400 2016 March First release from the Regild Century timeline. Dressed in normal suit.
08 Kudelia Aina Bernstein Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS ¥14,500 2017 March Marketed as a Gundam Girls Generation Deluxe (GGG-DX) figure. First release from the Post Disaster timeline. Displayed upside down trying to put on her normal suit. Includes SD Atra Mixta figure and helmet filled with potatoes.

Yen price excluding 8% tax.


  1. Gundam Guy - MegaHouse 1/10 PVC Gundam Girls Generation: Aila Jyrkiainen - Review Images

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