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Gundam Heaven's Sword



451 Raven Gundam (from Mobile Fighter G Gundam)01:23

451 Raven Gundam (from Mobile Fighter G Gundam)

Unit Type

Prototype Transformable DG-Cell Infested Mobile Fighter




Developed from
First Seen
Last Seen
Known Pilots

General Characteristics

Head Height
  • 27.8 meters91.207 ft
    1,094.488 in
  • 49.0 meters160.761 ft
Standard Weight
  • 8.9 metric tons
  • Ultracompact Fusion Reactor
Pilot Accommodations
  • Pilot only, cockpit in chest
  • DG-Cell Infused Gundarium alloy super ceramic composite
  • rare metal hybrid multilayered materials
  • 2 x Heaven's Claw
  • Heaven's Darts
Special Equipments and Features
  • Ultimate Attack
    • Wind Fire
    • Heaven's Tornado
    • Silver Leg Special
    • Hyper Spectrum Beam Kick Special

The Gundam Heaven's Sword (Soaring Raven Gundam in the English dub) is a DG-Cell infested Mobile Fighter and one of the Four Heavenly Kings, piloted by Michelo Chariot. The unit appeared in Mobile Fighter G Gundam.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

This mysterious mobile fighter serves as the commander of the Death Army's aerial forces. In its bird-like Attack Mode, the Gundam Heaven's Sword can soar through the air, use its powerful claws to carry out hit-and-run attacks on ground targets, bombard its foes with feather-like darts, or flap its wings to create tornadoes and firestorms. The Gundam can also transform into a humanoid Standing Mode, allowing it to use kicking attacks like those of Neo Italy's Neros Gundam. During the final fight, it displayed the ability to absorb the power of the God Gundam's Bakunetsu God Finger, causing the machine to turn red and enhance its power even more as well as its ability to regenerate thanks to its DG Cells.


  • Heaven's Claw
Powerful claws used to carry out hit-and-run attacks on ground targets.
  • Heaven's Darts
Located on the wings are feather-like darts, used to bombard enemies.

Ultimate Attacks

  • Wind Fire
The Gundam flaps its wings to create firestorms.
  • Heaven's Tornado
The Gundam flaps its wings to create tornadoes.
  • Silver Leg Special
  • Hyper Spectrum Beam Kick Special


As the 13th Gundam Fight continued, the JDG-00X Devil Gundam created Four Heavenly Kings for its protection: GF13-001NHII Master Gundam, Grand Gundam, Gundam Heaven's Sword, and Walter Gundam. The Gundam Heaven's Sword first appeared when three of the Heavenly Kings attempted to stop Domon Kasshu from reaching the Gundam Fight Finals on time. It would later reappear as the morphed form of the Neros Gundam, piloted by a now vengeful Michelo Chariot when Domon stabbed the Gundam's eyes, causing him to fly into a rage. Using a smokescreen created by its explosive transformation, it obscured itself from the audience and to hide itself from Domon, but was ultimately defeated. The Gundam Heaven's Sword appeared one last time during the Finals when Domon was fighting with Michelo Chariot's GF13-055NI Neros Gundam. Domon barely managed to repel Michelo, and Michelo's new Gundam returned to attack Domon during the Battle Royale on Lantao Island. Domon was aided by Argo Gulskii and Sai Saici, and they managed to destroy the Gundam Heaven's Sword by using their ultimate attacks in Hyper Mode.


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