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Gundam Memories: Memories Of Battle

PSP Gundam Memories

Gundam Memories: Memories Of Battle (Gundam Memories ~ Tatakai no Kioku)



The game is for PSP and consists of the Gundam storyline, from the original Gundam series, to Gundam 00.

New missions

New missions can be added. And missions from the storyline, can be bought for points and used with different kinds of Gundams.

Gundam Memories

This consists of the storylines from the original Gundam series to Gundam 00, excluding Gundam SEED, and puts Gundam SEED Destiny instead. In the Gundam Wing storyline, Heero Yuy wears his outfit in Endless Waltz.

Gundam Types

There are 3 types of Gundams: Short type, Long type, and Speed type. Short types can use special melee attacks, but some Short types can also use Long type special attacks. Long types can use special range attacks, but just like Short types, they can use Short type special attacks. Speed types can transform into various forms of jets, but can only shoot from long-range. They can use Short type special attacks, others can use Long type special attacks, but some Speed types, like the XXXG-00W0 Wing Gundam Zero, can use both Short and Long type special attacks.

Gundam SEED Destiny

In this storyline, first mission starts with Shinn Asuka using the ZGMF-X56S/β Sword Impulse Gundam when trying to take down Phantom Pain - Sting Oakley, Auel Neider and Stellar Loussier after taking ZGMF-X24S Chaos, ZGMF-X31S Abyss and ZGMF-X88S Gaia. The storyline goes on with Shinn using the ZGMF-X56S/α Force Impulse Gundam until the mission of protecting the ship, when Shinn uses the ZGMF-X56S/γ Blast Impulse Gundam. And uses the Force Impulse to destroy Kira Yamato in Operation: Angel Down. He tests out the ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam when Athrun Zala and Meyrin Hawke escaped ZAFT and were thought to be killed as they fell in the ocean. The final mission is that Shinn fights Athrun at the moon. If the player manages to beat Athrun, Kira comes out to defeat Shinn in the ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom. If the player manages to beat Kira also, another Strike Freedom will come out and the mission will be over.


X = thrusters (only used when moving)

O = guard

O + X or dbu, dbd, dbl, or dbr x2 = dash guard

/\ = melee attack

[] = range attack

R+ directional button up = move upward

R + directional button up (x2 or + X) = thruster upward

directional button up = forward

[dbu (directional button up) x2 = thruster forward]

directional button down = backward

[dbd (directional button down) x2 = thruster backward

R+ directional button down = move downward

R + directional button down (x2 or + X) = thruster downward

directional button left = move left

directional button left (x2 or + X) = thruster left

directional button right = move right

directional button right (x2 or + X) = thruster right

R + X = transform (Speed types only)

- When transformed, Speed types use the thrusters until over heat

/\ + O = SEED mode (takes 1 bar of SP)(Gundam SEED Destiny) Trans-Sm (Gundam 00)

X + [] = quick attack (takes 2 bars of SP)

(X+[]) then (/\+O) = combination attack (need more than one gundam for this) (takes 3 bars of SP)

press & hold /\ = special attack melee

press & hold [] = special attack ranged

SELECT + L or R = change Gundam and pilot

Quick Attacks

Quick attacks are the attacks the Gundam can use for 2 SP bars. When the player uses a Quick Attack, there are 3 functions of Quick Attack: Nice, Good and Excellent. Excellent function makes the player's Gundam's attacks difficult for the opponent to dodge. The opponent can either take the hit or defend. Nice function makes the player's Gundam's attacks easy for the opponent to dodge. The opponent can either escape or counter. Good function makes the player's Gundam's attacks 50% to hit or miss the opponent. The opponent is most likely to defend or escape, rather than counter or take a hit. When it's the opponent's turn to use Quick Attack, the player can use the buttons to escape or counter, but is most likely to escape rather than counter. When the opponent is using Quick Attack, some of the buttons they press will change, while others will be inverted. For Speed type Gundams, they have a special kind of Quick Attack. They have an exempt button on their Quick Attack codes, making it easier for the player to use, while also making it harder for the player to dodge if the opponent is using a Speed type.

Combination Attacks

They are used in Quick Attacks if the SP bar is more than 2 bars.The player and opponent have the option to use a Combination Attack if they have more than 1 Gundam in their team. Combination Attacks have different combinations. Combination Attack 1 refers to the 1st Quick Attack usage, while Combination Attack 2 refers to the final Quick Attack usage. Combination Attacks always finish with the player's current Gundam that the player uses to start with in the Combination Attack.

Hyper Mode

This is the mode the pilot and Gundam turn into when 1 SP bar is consumed. For the Universal Century era, it's New Type. For After Colony and After War, it's just enhanced pilot abilities. For Cosmic Era, it's SEED Mode. And for Anno Domini, it's Trans-AM. It is also possible to combine Hyper Mode with Quick Attack, as the Gundams will perform the same attacks, but more powerful. RX-0 Unicorn Gundam, however, is the only Gundam that uses 3 attack patterns in Long Type, while changing into Short Type allows him to use 4 attack patterns in Quick Attack.

Playable Units

Universal Century

After Colony

After War

Cosmic Era

Anno Domini


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