Gundam Pilot Series of Biographies: The Brave Soldiers in the Sky (Gundam Pilot Gaiden Sokyu no Yushatachi, ガンダム パイロット列伝 蒼穹の勇者達) is a manga written by Hajime Oki was released back in October of 2001 under Sony Magazine, that chronicles the life of the four more prominent pilots of the Zeon Principality before and during the war of a Year.


  • Mission.1 - Johnny Ridden
  • Mission.2 - Shin Matsunaga
  • Mission.3 - Elliot Rem
  • Mission.4 - Thomas Kurtz

March 0078, Thomas Kurtz, an Earth Federation test pilot is testing mobile suits when the war broke out.


Principality of Zeon Army

Earth Federation


Principality of Zeon

Mobile Suits

Mobile Armor

Support Units

Earth Federation

Mobile Suits

Mobile Pod

Support Units



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