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Forever Gundam vs Beginning Gundam

Gunpla Battle (ガンプラバトル, Ganpura Batoru) is the fictional simulated battles in Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning G, D, and J and later, appears in the Gundam Build Fighters anime series as well as related side stories.


Model Suit Gunpla Builders Beginning Series

Gunpla battles are operated like flight simulators. In the OVA, players (also known as Gunpla Meisters) go to the local P.O.D. arcade, which has a Haro for them to place the Gunpla in. A giant Haro is available for larger Gunpla such as the RX-78GP03D Gundam "Dendrobium Orchis". For safety reasons, the player is required to wear a pilot suit. Game controls, as well machine specifications are based on how the Gunpla is created/customized. The Gunpla tournament involves battles between three-player teams.

The performance of machine is relative to the Gunpla itself, every bit of detail increase its performance, while shoddy work makes it lower. Scale also plays a major factor in Gunpla battle; for instance, a player can pilot an MA-08 Big Zam mobile armor, but if the Gunpla is 1/550 scale, then it is actually smaller in the battlefield than a 1/144 scale mobile suit.

Gundam Build Fighters Series

Gunpla battles are operated on one or several large hexagonal table-like 3D image projector that are set up in various locations around the world, including hobby shops. To operate these, a person is required to set a GP Base that registers the model and its creator as well as its operator. This allows a co-op battle with the Builder of the Gunpla acting as the operator/navigator and the pilot as the Fighter, it is however possible for a person to act as both. The machine also projects a holographic interface around the participating combatants, with the Fighters given a pair of glowing orbs that act as the controls. Weapon and system slots are displayed, showing the Gunpla's current weaponry and which special system is available for use. The Gunpla are brought to life via Plavsky Particles. These particles are also able to fully replicate effects such as beam weaponry, thrusters, etc as well as the arena itself and its physics to increase the realism and immersion. A Gunpla's performance directly correlates to the quality of its construction as well as the materials that were used (For example, reinforcing a beam rifle's barrel with metal parts will increase its durability allowing it to fire a stronger beam without adverse effect). Through certain means of particle manipulation, special systems such as I-Fields can also be replicated, even on units that never had them in the original show as with the I-field used on the Apsalus III or new features such as the 侍ノ弐 Sengoku Astray Gundam's particle Fa Jin style. Damage inflicted in Gunpla Battles can occur in real, thus if a machine is, for example - beheaded - then the Gunpla will retain said damage after the battle concludes. However, this seems to depend on the game settings as there is an instance where the damage inflicted did not translate into real damage to the Gunpla. This is shown as there are three levels of damage settings in the game: A through C. C is shown to be the lowest or most likely non-existent as it was used for training. A is the highest setting, meaning a Gunpla can be damaged or even destroyed in combat.

Known players/users

Gunpla Meisters

Gunpla Builders / Gunpla Fighters

Types of Gunpla Battle in Gundam Build Fighters

Gunpla Battle World Championships

In the 7th Gunpla Battle World Championships at Shizuoka, Japan, 90 representatives from around the world who had qualified in the qualification tournament must compete in 8 qualifying periods of Gunpla Battle in several days. Some of the qualifying periods like Tamaire and 3-On-3 Team Battle requires the representatives to compete together as a team against other teams. Other periods such as 4 Person Knockout Competition and Rifle Shooting puts the representatives to fight against each other. Each qualifying period gives 4 points for the winners and 0 point for the losers. But, in Single Battle match for the 8th Period, the representatives will be given 2 points if the match ended in a draw result. After 8 qualifying periods have ended, 16 representatives with the highest points will be selected to enter the knockout phase.

  • First Period - 4 Person Knockout Competition
  • Second Period - Battle Royal Elimination Match
  • Third Period - One-On-One Original Weapon Match
  • Fourth Period - Rifle Shooting
  • Fifth Period - Tamaire
  • Sixth Period - 3-On-3 Team Battle
  • Seventh Period - Gunpla Race
  • Eighth Period - Single Battle

Known Gunpla Battle Fields

  • Field 01: Space
Simulates different parts of space such as the Moon's surface or a Universal Century battlefield.
  • Field 02: Desert
Simulates a desert setting in a hot dry weather.
  • Field 03: Forest
Simulates a forest setting in different seasons.
  • Field 04: Mountain
Simulates a mountain setting in different seasons.
  • Field 05: City
Simulates either an Earth city or the inside of a colony. In a colony stage, damage to the colony structure will result in an adverse change in atmosphere, with strong winds drawing all objects into the hole. A Gunpla loses by ring-out if it is sucked out of the colony.
  • Field 07: Ruins
Simulates a city ruins setting.
  • Field 09: Canyon
Simulates a canyon or gorge landscape in daytime or nighttime settings.
  • Field 11: Castle
Simulates a Feudal Japanese castle grounds.
  • Battle Royal
Combines all fields into one to accommodate multiple Gunpla. Players starting in the space field can make an atmospheric entry to Earth to continue their battles in the other fields.
  • Gunpla Race
A single race track built around the forest field.

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