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Gunpla Koshien (ガンプラ甲子園) is a manga with four volumes written and illustrated by Hiroshi Obi, published by Kodansha and serialized Comic BomBom from 1998 till 2000.


Takumi is a baseball player



  • Takumi Furano (富良野匠)
  • Tsukasa Furano (富良野司)
  • Kuroda (黒田耕作0
  • Yuka Fujisaki (藤咲優香) 
  • Yasuharu Akai (赤井康晴)
  • Mr. Takayama (高山先生)
  • Anna Hamana
  • I. Kushida
  • Jiro Kushida
  • Kushida S.
  • Takumi's mother
  • Kuroda's father
  • Kuroda mother
  • Fujisaki brother


  • Enhanced ∀ Gundam
  • ∀ Gundam Perfect
  • Turn A strengthening (Gatling Laser Type M)
  • Turn A strengthening (bytes hand GIII)
  • Noble turns X
  • Special prominence Hyakushiki
  • RX-78-2 Gundam
  • RX-75-4 Guntank



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