Han Pan Spirit (半パン魂(スピリット) Han Pan Supiritto?) is the second ending theme of Gundam Build Fighters. The song was sung by the Japanese composer, lyricist, and musician, Hyadain. According to the lyrics in the official subtitles, the song translates to "Short-Pants Spirit".

Track Listing

CD Edition

  1. Han Pan Spirit (半パン魂)
  2. Shaa ga kuru (シャアが来る)
  3. Wakyā iware nai (わーきゃーいわれない)


Does not work on iPad, or any medium that does not support the .ogg audio format.
No. Songs Duration Audio
01 Han Pan Spirit 03:59
Han Pan Spirit



【MV】半パン魂【ヒャダイン】- Hanpan Spirit - Hyadain04:05

【MV】半パン魂【ヒャダイン】- Hanpan Spirit - Hyadain

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