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  • November 9, 0079 (U.C.)
  • Killed in Action
  • Male
  • Pilot
  • Captain
Mobile Weapons

Helmut Lutz (ヘルムート・ルッツ Herumūto Ruttsu?) is a fictional character appearing in Mobile Suit Gundam: Big Picture Book of Strategy and Tactics - One Year's War Complete Record.


Helmut Lutz was a Principality of Zeon Dodai GA bomber pilot during the One Year War assigned to the Zeon Earth Attack Force's 15th Tactical Bomber Squadron in Europe. With a bright and cheerful personality, Lutz was popular in his unit. During Operation Odessa, he spent three days on the ground and approximately 12 hours for rest and resupply before taking to the sky. Lutz gained prominence as a "tank killer", destroying 480 combat vehicles as well as shooting down 14 enemy aircraft. However, he was killed in an accident due to landing gear failure while attempting to land in November 9, 0079.

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