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  • 34
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  • Killed in Action
  • Male
  • MS Pilot
  • Captain
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Henry Boone (ヘンリー・ブーン大尉?) is a fictional character from the Mobile Suit Gundam: Cross Dimension 0079 (1995) video game. He pilots the MS-08TX Efreet.


Henry Boone was originally part of Kycilia Zabi's personal guards, but was accused of attempting a coup during the Battle of Loum by anti-Zabi loyalists and immediately demoted. The wounds on his face are traces from the interrogation at that time. He was known as an excellent officer and skilled mobile suit (MS) pilot, possessed of a calm and reassuring personality.

Boone becomes captain of the Wolf Gar Team, a crack team of Zeon soldiers all with criminal records, save for Saki Graham. He is charged with Operation Desert Dragon, a mission to raid the Earth Federation's Albatross base in the Gobi desert, where they encounter Bork Cry in the prototype RX-78XX Gundam Pixie.

After numerous attempts to take the base and several comrades dead, Boone attempts a desperate strike on the Albatross base in his Efreet as the base commander Noct Gaddish and staff are preparing to evacuate. Noct escapes on a Medea and Gundam Pixie pilot Bork Cry is left abandoned, both of his wingmen killed, he has a tense face off with Boone. Boone is ultimately killed in the last battle when his Efreet is destroyed.



  • If the player (Bork Cry) loses, they get a brief cutscene explaining that Boone went on to aid in the defense of Solomon and then disappear. If the player wins they get a cutscene wherein Bork Cry finds Saki Graham, the Zaku pilot under Boone's command who escaped her MS before it exploded.

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