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High Grade Gundam AGE, or HG Gundam AGE, is a line of plastic scale models kits, or Gunpla, of the Mobile Suits from the Mobile Suit Gundam AGE series.[1] The joint mechanics from this series was adapted into the HG Kits used in the "All Gundam Project" starting September 2013, which features main mechanics that have not previously been released in HG form.

Model Kits that have been marked as (tentative) may have details missing such as confirmed numbering in the series until the official box art of that specific model kit has been released before the marking can be removed.

Prices listed in yen on this page do not include local sales tax.

HG AGE # Model Yen Price Release Date Notes
01 AGE-1 Gundam AGE-1 Normal ¥1,200 2011 October First High Grade Gundam Age Gunpla released.
02 ovv-f Gafran ¥1,200 2011 October First High Grade Kit of Vagan (known as UE) mobile suits.
03 RGE-B790 Genoace ¥1,200 2011 October First High Grade Kit of Earth Federation's Mass Production Suit.
04 RGE-B790CW Genoace Custom ¥1,200 2011 November Customised version of HG-04, which includes the Marker Shot and Knife for Beam Spray Gun.
05 AGE-1T Gundam AGE-1 Titus ¥1,200 2011 November Variant of HG-01 featuring the Titus Wear.
06 xvv-xc Zedas ¥1,500 2011 November
07 AGE-1S Gundam AGE-1 Spallow ¥1,200 2011 December Variant of HG-01 featuring the Spallow Wear.
08 ovv-a Baqto ¥1,500 2011 December
09 WMS-GEX1 G-Exes ¥1,200 2011 December Final HG Kit from the first arc of the series. Successor to HG-04.
10 AGE-2 Gundam AGE-2 Normal ¥1,500 2012 January First HG Kit from the second arc of the series. Can transform into Strider Mode.
11 ovm-e Dorado ¥1,200 2012 January
12 xvv-xcr Zedas R ¥1,500 2012 January Customized color variant of HG-06.
13 RGE-G1100 Adele ¥1,300 2012 February Mass-Production Model of HG-01 that can equip wears from HG-01, HG-05 and HG-07.
14 WMS-GB5 G-Bouncer ¥1,500 2012 February Successor to HG-09 which can equip wears from HG-01, HG-05 and HG-07.
15 xvm-zgc Zeydra ¥1,300 2012 February Successor to HG-12.
16 RGE-B890 Genoace II ¥1,200 2012 February Color variation of HG-04 with additional components to build and utilize the DODS Gun.
17 AGE-2DB Gundam AGE-2 Double Bullet ¥1,500 2012 March Variant of HG-10 with the Double Bullet Wear. Can transform into Strider Mode like the HG-10.
18 RGE-C350 Shaldoll Custom ¥1,200 2012 April Color variant of HG-09 -face-mask and chest and weapon piece +new head chest and small gun piece
19 RGE-G1100 Adele [Diva Colors] ¥1,200 2012 April Color variant of HG-13, includes unit marking seals
20 xvb-xd Farsia ¥1,200 2012 April Additional HG Kit release from the first arc of the series.
21 AGE-3 Gundam AGE-3 Normal ¥1,500 2012 May First Kit from the third arc of the series that uses docking features. Features special parts used for transformation to G-Cepter, and customized display stand to showcase both Core Fighter and G-Cepter at once.
22 ovv-af Danazine ¥1,500 2012 May
23 xvt-zgc Ghirarga ¥1,300 2012 June Successor to HG-15.
24 AGE-2DH Gundam AGE-2 Dark Hound ¥1,500 2012 July Variant of HG-10 and HG-17 which also can transform into Strider Mode.
25 BMS-004 G-Exes Jackedge ¥1,200 2012 July Color variant of HG AGE#09 -Facemask + new D runner and sword piece
26 AGE-3O Gundam AGE-3 Orbital ¥1,800 2012 August Variant of HG-21. Features special parts used for transformation to G-Viper, and customized display stand to showcase both Core Fighter and G-Viper at once.
27 AGE-FX Gundam AGE-FX ¥1,600 2012 August Sole kit from the final arc of the series. Features redesigned Core Fighter and remote weapons with exclusively-customized display stand for both Kit and Remote Weapons.
28 RGE-G2100 Clanche ¥1,300 2012 September Mass-Produced version of HG-10.
29 xvm-fzc Gundam Legilis ¥1,500 2012 October Vagan-made Gundam that features docking functions similar to HG-21, HG-27 and HG-30.
30 AGE-3F Gundam AGE-3 Fortress ¥1,800 2012 November Variant of HG-21. Features special parts used for transformation to G-Hopper, and customized display stand to showcase both Core Fighter and G-Hopper at once.
31 RGE-G2100C Clanche Custom ¥1,300 2012 December Variant of HG-28 which is a mass-produced version of HG-17.
32 AGE-FX Gundam AGE-FX Burst Mode ¥1,800 2013 January Color variant of HG-27 with additional beam parts included in new runner.
33 BMS-003 Shaldoll Rogue ¥1,300 2013 February Color variant of HG-18 with different D plate + new face-mask.
34 BMS-005 G-Xiphos ¥1,500 2013 March Variant of HG-14 with new weapon parts.
35 AGE-1G Gundam AGE-1 Full Glansa ¥1,600 2013 April Variant of HG-01 with additional Armor Parts and backpack.


  1. Gunpla Taizen - Gundam AGE

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