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  • Eye of Veda


  • 00F: Chapter #8 - #20
  • 00I: Chapter #5 - #14
  • 00I 2314: Chapter #1 - #4
Photo Novel


Genetic Type
  • Innovade
Hair Color
  • Light Blonde
Eye Color
  • Blue
  • Male
  • Support Pilot (00P-S2)
Mobile Weapons
Command Ships

Hixar Fermi (ヒクサー・フェルミ Hikusā Ferumi?) is a fictional character in the side stories of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. In Mobile Suit Gundam 00P, Hixar is the Krung Thep's pilot to the GNR-000 GN Sefer and an assistant to Grave Violento. After his disappearance at the end of 00P, he returns in Mobile Suit Gundam 00F as an Innovade agent from Veda to follow the actions of Fon Spaak and the organization, Fereshte, after the defeat of Celestial Being; he pilots the GNY-002F Gundam Sadalsuud Type F. Hixar also appears in Mobile Suit Gundam 00I and pilots the GN-XXX + GNR-000 Sefer Rasiel.

Personality & Character

In the second season of 00P, Hixar Fermi is known for his light hearted personality and jester like behavior. When he isn't backing up Grave in the GN Sefer he is spending time with the other members of Krung Thep joking around. After Hixar has a mental breakdown as a result of Grave's death he becomes more serious as he strives to reconstruct himself. 

Skills & Capabilities

Through piloting the support unit GN Sefer, Hixar proves that he is a capable pilot. Although his role in battle is small in 00P he further improves his skills over the years. By 00F Hixar is able to pilot the Sadalsuud F on par with Fon Spaak and can operate the Sadalsuud's precise particle manipulation to create small GN fields. Although it is unclear whether this is a result of Hixar's increased skill or an ability that he possesses as an Innovade.


New protagonist in new chapter of Mobile Suit Gundam 00P. Pilot of GN Sefer. His jovial personality allows him to talk freely with almost anyone, even when meeting them for the first time. Hixar enjoys making others laugh, though has considerable trouble doing so with the serious Grave and dark-mannered Chall. Several years later, he appears in 00F as a Gundam Meister on orders from Veda to follow Fon Spaak, who has been working independently from Fereshte. While Hixar appears to be the same man from 00P, his personality is markedly different and he is shown to have a remotely-detonatable explosive strapped around his neck. 

Mobile Suit Gundam 00P

Tieria is piloting Gundam Virtue Physical to test out its armor with the help of Grave and Hixar.In order to test Virtue, a mock-battle was setup with Rasiel. The fight between the GN Field-using Virtue and it’s opponent Rasiel is a close match.Hixar plunged into the line of Virtue’s beam which [Grave] waited for the moment the [Rasiel's] bits used up their particles and returned to fire. Hixar gets injured.Grave abandons Virtue’s mock battle to rescue Hixar.HIxar recovered quickly, Grave send his reports to Tieria and VEDA.In chapter 20, Grave, who has special authorization, when he read Veda's data, found that the data uploaded for Hixar is registered as "human", but having seen yesterday's accident, the guy in his best does not seem human. Innovado are produced to imitate humans, but the copying of individuals are fundamentally not practiced. Production from the gene pattern prepared beforehand is the usual method, though it is also possible to make a copy of the individual if a long time is spent.The problem is, in spite of Hixar not being a human, the fact is being concealed from the organization. The explanation might be said that he was created for observing the organization, but this is simply unimaginable.

In chapter 22, “The cancellation of the disposal instruction.”In Grave’s face can be seen a sight of relief, but in contrast, Hixar arrives with a surprising behavior. Hixar fires one shot with his gun, and again shoots Grave. The first landed on his leg, and again on his leg, and then on his back, and lastly on his torso. “Uh, wha… what…” Hixar says as he panics. Hixar himself did not understand why he was shooting his close friend.Grave mustered to the last of his strength… “I’m s… sorry, Hixar…”However this weak voice did not reach the panicked Hixar.That very day, Grave was marked as “deletion” in Veda’s meisters list. And then Hixar’s record is re-registered from “human” to “essentially ideal Innovaoid”. However, this is only seen in the high level access. In the general level access, Hixar is also marked as “deletion”.In fact, when Grave died in front of his eyes, Hixar had also died. In chapter 25, All of his actions were overlooked.Upon being equipped with an anti-treachery explosive, Hixar became a private Veda agent.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00F

In 00F, Hixar follows Fon, who has gone AWOL with both Hanayo and Gundam Astraea F2 and has begun conducting his own interventions. Hixar takes the Gundam Sadalsuud Type F to follow Fon into space. There, Hixar sees that Fon is intending to drop a large asteroid onto the Earth. Hixar intends to stop Fon but is intercepted by Innovator pilot Bring Stabity, who is piloting a black Gundam Plutone equipped with a GN Drive Tau.In chapter 18,Hixar vs. Black Plutone. Bring, in Plutone, addresses Hixar saying, “I know who you are. Hixar Fermi, Veda’s ‘eyes’.”Why should Fon Spaak try to intervene without orders from Veda? Hixar argues. Why should you participate in Fon’s reckless acts? Bring tells him that it’s because it’s part of Aeolia’s plan. To Hixar who asks what someone who is not part of CB is doing talking about the plan, Bring declares that he is an Innovator and that Hixar is also the same sort of thing, and that they are superior beings that have surpassed humanity.Hixar is shocked to learn that he isn’t human. To Bring who chastises him saying that he should be glad, Hixar objects shouting “You’re wrong!”He declares, “Certainly, there’s a chance I might not be human. But, I’m not an Innovator. I’m Hixar Fermi. I’m nothing other than that!”Bring informs him that the reason Ribbons let Hixar live was that it would be beneficial if Veda collected data through Hixar, because that data would end up in Ribbons and co.’s hands. Bring turns his gun [toward Hixar] and adds that if he won’t obey, the plan takes precedence. But Hixar declares “Then fight me! As one person, Hixar Fermi. I absolutely cannot lose if you fight as an Innovator who is bound by the plan.”Once again Bring and Hixar’s fight begins. Hixar/Sadalsuud shoots at Bring, but the shot is deflected due to the GN Tau Field. Hixar then shoots the GN Tau Field in the same spot, weakening in to the point where serious damage is dealt, forcing Bring to escape in Plutone's core fighter. In chapter 19, Hixar in his Gundam Sadalsuud battle another Hixar and Grave in a black Sefer Rasiel Gundam. In chapter 20, after defeating the other Hixar anad Grave in a black Sefer Rasiel Gundam, Hixar and Hayana left Celestial Beings base to travel around in search of Fon Spaak.

Mobile Suit Gundam 00I

In 00I, Hixar seem to be guarding 1 Gundam from Innovades Leif Recitativo due to past encounter with Beside Pain, a past incarnation and same physical appearance with Leif. Leif finally reaches the Gundam he saw in his dream, “1 Gundam.” “What are you going to do with such a dangerous thing?” Hixar Fermi appeared. Leif explained that he was on a mission. “Won’t you tell me about that mission? Beside Pain.” Hixar turned his gun on Leif. Hixar was moving based on the information he had gotten from Veda, “today, in this place, Beside Pain will appear.”And 1 Gundam wakes up. 1 Gundam attacking Hixar. Sitting in 1 Gundam’s cockpit, Leif regains his memories of his former self, Beside. Hixar sends off a message, requesting that Chall prepare something.

After the battle with Fon Spaak (Gundam 00I Chapter 11) Beside Pain remodels the 1 Gundam into the CB-001.5 1.5 Gundam in a concealed factory in the orbital elevator. Hixar knew where to find Beside from the information VEDA sent. Then Hixar destroyed the data entry of Beside, which explains why in Gundam 00I chapter 11 Beside was being recognized by VEDA as a different existence. Beside piloting 1.5 Gundam destroys some GN-III units and started a battle with Hixar Fermi piloting GN-XXX Gundam Rasiel. Beside uses the Alvaaron Cannon which has a limit of one pseudo GN Drive to take down Gundam Rasiel. With the help of Hayana piloting GNR-000 GN Sefer. Hixar denied the support of Hanaya, as he wanted to settle this personal matter alone. He makes an effort to get close to Beside and engage it with his beam saber. Beside defeats Hixar and pulls him out of his cockpit. He holds him down and took out a gun. In chapter 12 it continues where Gundam 00P left of. Hayana rushes up to Hixar who somehow escaped from the destroyed machine. He remembers after the battle Beside Pain took control of his body and gave him a gun to kill himself. Hixar pulls the trigger, but nothing happen Beside gave Hixar an empty gun then Beside leaves.

Hayana says, "I have an idea for a Gundam that you can use." Then she suggested that he leaves the Rasiel. Later on, Hixar and Hayana thanks Hanayo for preparing the GNY-002F Gundam Sadalsuud Type F that Hixar would use. Hixar piloting Gundam Sadalsuud Type F battles Beside Pain. Beside uses the Alvaaron Cannon Mode of 1.5 Gundam to destroy Gundam Sadalsuud Type F. Hixar uses a Haro in the cockpit to set his Gundam Sadalsuud Type F on auto drive system and let's 1.5 Gundam destroy it. Hixar then jumped into the accompanying GN Sefer, which slams into 1.5 Gundam. Hixar leaps out and opens the cockpit. Both he and Beside aim their guns at each other. Hixar is quicker and shoots Beside several times through his visor which kills him. In chapter 14 in the epilogue, Hixar and Hayana are now fully Celestial Being members.


Celestial Being

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