Amuro Ray and Karaba arrive in Hong Kong. Amuro leaves with Beltorchika to go requisition some supplies from Luio & Co. and has a surprise reunion with Mirai Yashima, who is now Mirai Noa and has two kids (Chemin and Hathaway). Amuro asks the wrong question at the window and gets beaten up by a band of thugs. Four Murasame and her handler, Namicar Cornell, arrive aboard Ben Wooder's plane, and the Psyco Gundam is deployed in Hong Kong for the first time. It is hunting for the Gundam Mk-II. The Mk-II is deployed in response to the destruction of the city by the Psyco Gundam, although the Psyco Gundam is forced to retreat when the pilot becomes sick.

Important Events


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