The BN-876β Hot Scramble Gundam is a Gunpla that appears in Gundam Build Fighters Amazing Ready. It is built and piloted by Meijin Kawaguchi III.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Based on the BN-876 Scramble Gundam, this Gunpla was designed by Meijin Kawaguchi at the request of Nils Yajima. While the Scramble Gundam boasted high mobility, it lacked offensive capability due to its small assortment of weapons.[1] Therefore, Fin Funnels were added to give the Hot Scramble Gundam the offensive capabilities that could take full advantage of the Gunpla's mobility.[2]


  • Beam Saber
Stored on the side skirt armor, the pair of beam sabers are the Gunpla's primary melee weapon.
  • Beam Rifle
A modified version of the RX-93 ν Gundam's beam rifle.
  • Buster Beam Rifle
A weapon formed via attaching four fin funnels around the beam rifle's barrel, this drastically increase the rifle's output, allowing it to fire even more powerful beams.
  • Fin Funnel
The Hot Scramble Gundam uses a modified form of the ν Gundam's fin funnels. Despite their name, the fin funnels are powered by built-in generators and function more like "bits", thus they have a longer operation time than most funnels. The six fin funnels are stored on the Hot Scramble Gundam's back when not in use, three on each side.
  • Shield
Carried on the left forearm, it is a modified version of the ν Gundam's shield. Attached to the Hot Scramble Gundam's underside during flight mode.


Since the Scramble Gundam is a testbed unit made for experimental purposes, and features an orthodox design, it isn't very fun to control. Thus, Nils Yajima made a personal request to Meijin Kawaguchi to build a brother unit that would be more fun to use in Gunpla Battle, resulting in the Hot Scramble Gundam.

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Notes & Trivia

  • The Hot Scramble Gundam is part of the Gundam Game 30th Anniversary Collaboration project.
  • The name "Hot Scramble" may be a reference to Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: Hot Scramble, one of the first ever Gundam video games, released exclusively for the Nintendo Family Computer (Nintendo Entertainment System) Game Console System as early as 1986 for the japan only.

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