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The IPP-66305 Hugo is a mobile suit that debuted in second season of the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.

Design & Development

Developed during the middle stage of the Calamity War, Hugo is a mobile suit with great mobility and highly stable performance under gravity due to its light weight. Designed for support in medium and close range combat, most of its weapons are used for supporting its allies instead of single combat with opponents. In order to retain mobility, Hugo have less armors than most mobile suit, leading to most of them shot down during calamity war. However, due to the use of Hexa frame, its pilot have an easier time to bailout, resulting in higher pilot survival rate.


  • Shot Anchor Claw
Mounted on the waist armor, the shot anchor claw can be used to haul supplies as well as capturing enemy mobile weapons.
  • Scimitar
Also known as Engetsuto, this is a standard equipment for Hugo since the Calamity War.
  • Machine Gun
A machine gun developed by Hephaistos, a company located at a Lunar Lagrange point.
  • Buster Sword
A large weapon for close-range combat used by pirates.[1]
  • Long Rifle
A medium-to-long-range rifle developed by Hēphaistos.[1]

Operational History

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