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  • 14
Birth Date
  • April 5, 0073 (U.C.)
  • Male
  • Shangri-La
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Iino Abbav (イーノ・アッバーブ Iino Abbābu?) is an character in Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ and Judau Ashta's best friend.

Personality and Abilities

Among his group of friends Iino is the most soft spoken and least confrontational. However he is loyal to his friends and will disobey any order in order to help them. Though this led to an ethical dilemma when he discovered that his friends Mondo Agake and Beecha Oleg were trying to sell out the Argama to Neo Zeon.

Though he was more of a support character Iino seemed to have a small measure of Newtype ability as during the war he developed the ability to sense Judau, though that may have been because of their close friendship.


Iino Abbav grew up in the Side 1 colony Shangrila where he became friends with Judau Ashta, Leina Ashta, Elle Vianno, Mondo Agake, and Beecha Oleg. He made a living as a junk collector with Judau Ashta.

After finding Yazan Gable, Iino helped his friends in their attempts to steal the Zeta Gundam from the Argama. However through a twist of fate, because of the constant interference of the crew of the Endra, Iino and his friends ended up helping the Argama and became a member of its crew after the warship left Shangrila.

Aboard the Argama Iino served as more of a support crew member for his friends that had become mobile suit pilots, though Iino was a secondary choice if Judau, Elle, Roux Louka, or Beecha were unable to. He was much more likely to serve as a Core Fighter or Core Top pilot when the ZZ Gundam wasn't combined.