The Illuminati is a resistance organization in the Universal Century that appears in the G-Saviour live action movie.


Five years before the events of the movie, Phillippe San Simeone and several other CONSENT members noted the shifting balance of power within the organization. Forming a private armed organization, they financed rebel activity against CONSENT to ensure the safety of the Side colonies.

The organization consisted mostly of CONSENT defectors, and are based in Side 4.

During the battle at Gaea, a squadron of Illuminati's I-SAVIOUR Illusions, numbering about twice the amount of CONSENT mobile weapons, engaged various Bugus and Rais.



  • The Illuminati share many similarities to the AEUG and League Militaire of the same timeline.
    • Both organizations are also mostly made up of defectors.
  • An Illuminati is a term to describe a secret society or order 
  • It's also a name of a secret society in 1776, which​ has been the subject of many conspiracy theories


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